Friday, July 27, 2007

Garden,Flowers,and Rain

The Shiny black ended bee leaving the white flowers in the Alba Garden, a green and white garden with black iron wrought fencing, black marble shiny floor, and white planting scheme.
Inspired by a friends mother who died from Mesothelioma. Caused by Asbestos.
I will Blog it properly when I come back from Cheltenham after my week off at Mums. Alba was another one of my Favourite Back to Back gardens...
Hope to get some gardening done to Mums new house. It is an undeveloped garden I hope.
Traveling with me to Cheltenham are two module booklets from the RHS course, A book about famous TV gardeners and their own homes gardens, two RHS magazines called "The Garden", and Joanne Harris "The Lollipop Shoes", the follow up to Chocolat.
From the news parts of Gloucestershire are still flooded from the heavy rainfall. Tewksbury, Gloucester, Moreton in the Marsh.
My gardening blood is raised from Gloucestershire soil, a largely Rural County. The strangeness of no running water, blue Bowsers, and bottled water await me.
I have a train to catch in the morning. Mums telephone line was cut off when the floods worsened last weekend. I need to check the weather report for Cheltenham.
My camera is coming with me too to photograph my Home town, and Mums garden. I dont know if she has internet access. It will be words only and swiped images as I cant upload my camera on her computer. There are or were a few internet cafes.
It will be my first holiday away for a while. Gardens, flowers, and maybe some rain await :)


lisa said...

Gosh, I hope your mom is okay in all that wet weather! Everytime I see the flooding over there, I wonder if you're travels!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Lisa..She was okay, came back today the 3rd august.I travelled safe :)