Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ant on the flower

Whoops there goes another rubber tree plant.....he's got high hopes...high hopes.I photographed these flowers growing on the long causeway on tuesday.I never knew the ant was on the flower as my eyes were not focusing properly.
Only eighteen pictures taken since Tuesday.I have worked three long days, and tomorrow I will be going back to Harlow Carr. To see what damage the rain has done, and what has grown in the wet conditions.
The sun was shining this morning at 0630, but it clouded over and then started raining again.I will have an umbrella and thicker coat tomorrow :)
My body and brain aches now from 39 hours at work in Three days.I can be healed tomorrow in the gardens near Harrogate.
How many photos to take? Maybe less than the 275 I took a month ago.The plants have been growing on.A few of them have fallen by the wayside as I have worked.
Charles Darwin Natural selection...When you have eighty pots and only three windowsills there is bound to be plants that fail to thrive.I will just keep my eyes on the ones that are doing well.
Time for sleep soon, hope all your gardens are growing on well :)

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