Friday, August 03, 2007

Back Again

I came back from Cheltenham today after seven gorgeous days, where the sun shone, the birds hopped around, and where bee's were buzzing.
I made a white border for Mums garden, to contrast with large bushes of Lavatera.
This flower belongs to Penstemon Apple Blossom now on my future garden wishlist.
The tubular flowers only opened this morning before I left.
I am chilled out, tanned, and sun burnt in parts.I loved the gardening week I had. The floods curtailed any trips to visit public gardens, so next time I will go to Cerney House, or the Rococco garden at Painswick.
Gloucestershire was hit hard by the floods because the Water treatment plant became contaminated after it flooded.The Water supply was turned off, and the famous blue Bowsers came in.There was no water to wash up, flush toilets, cook, or drink.
The bowsers were one source of water, and the other was millions of bottles of drinking water sent from all over the country to Gloucestershire.
The Army set up a base at the Racecourse, and began to distribute it, and to help refill the Bowsers several times a day.
Mums garden had Rain Butts that were very full, and this was used.It rained heavily last night so they will fill up. To water the new plants me and mum bought we used rainwater.
Its funny how my favourite flower is Penstemon Apple Blossom.I took lots of photos which need blogging somehow in a logical fashion.
There was no broadband so I did not even go online for seven days.I was pining away to blog so that shows something.
I'm back now, with a weekend off, before more night shifts.


Unknown said...

Your everlasting flower is called a bracteantha!

Wonderful blog! Thank you!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Lea,I will google it later.I loved the tough petals that looked delicate.If it is the right one I will grow some from seed!Glad you like the Blog :)