Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Show Gardens from Tatton

Into the Light was designed by John Everiss in the memory of his sister who gave him advice. It has a curved pathway leading to a curved pergola, with stone path, and a waterfall at the back. It is designed to make use of light and shade, and large plants specimins. I liked the stonework and the Diconsia plants..

My suprise Show garden was the Cater Allen Private Bank Garden described as a garden to compliment a hotel suite where a couple could spend romantic time together.A sofa is on the deck surrounded by a pergola. The planting around the edges was very Gertrude Jekyll with massed planting of many colours.The water looked spectacular rushing from below the deck forming a clear waterfall. I thought this garden looked awful on paper but was struck how good it looked on the day. Lifes full of suprises..

Tetrad. The book calls it a striking dramatic Sculptural garden.The planting is good against the hard structure of the bricks and cascading water dissapears beneath the seating area. I love the colours within the four sides of the garden.It is a reflective, calming garden, even with its strange looking structure.

The Forest Fusion garden. Combining natural planting with hard grey concrete and chippings, with the glass pod to sit in. I love the Dickonsia one of the most popular show garden plants.
It shows how planting can disguise the environment,based on a temperate forest scheme.

The Brewin Dolphin garden designed for making people feel well, in the Sun. I like the contrast between the still water and the fountains. The sponsors blue logo reflects in the dark shimmering water. It looks like an old fashioned classical garden with the straight lines, and balanced planting of trees and clipped Box.

Dragon Dance. A show feature but still one of my highlights.The Chinese dragon done by the British protected ornamental association. It was done to highlight the use of bedding plants and carpet bedding. You can be creative and adventurous with plants..

The Water Garden looks like a great place to relax with the textured plants moving in the wind, and the soothing sound of the mini waterfall. The seated area is raised above it so you can see the water and plants..

The Life begins at garden by Russell Watkinson.I like the design of bricks, cobbles, and stone features. It is a reminder of us buying plants and trees for an event or milestone in our life.I like the champagne and glasses in the recessed bit between the clipped topiary.


lisa said...

All of those gardens were very creative, but my favorites were the first two. The private bank garden looks very "California poolside". The water garden is pretty too...I like that the roof of the sitting area kinda looks like an umbrella.

David (Snappy) said...

We both like gardens with moving water.The private Bank garden softened me with the massed planting on either side of the waterfall/decking area.It was very Gertrude Jekyll inspired (like the Sunken pool garden at Harlow Carr).
The water garden also has flowing water, and a raised seating position covered.You could sit there in the sun or in the rain.The planting was all tall plants that move with the wind, and make pretty reflections in the water below them.

Anonymous said...

I love Russell Watkinsons designs every year he changes the garden, but using similar materials.
This is what Cheshire Gardens do look like, not full of herbaceous plants that are dead in the winter.

David (Snappy) said...

thanks for the comment...im going back to Tatton Park soon.Maybe he will do another garden.