Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Scented Garden

Return to one of my Favourite places. The Enclosed scented garden. It was dry enough to get down on your knees to sniff every plant and flower. The Wisteria had stopped flowering entirely, whether this was linked to three weeks of rain I dont know. Only the leaves and rope like vines were left on the pergola.
I took more pictures of other plants I found there. Nepeta, apple mint, Newly planted Chocolate Cosmos (they smell sooooo nice,mmm,belgian chocolate), roses like Brother Cadfael, Eglantyne, Rugosa roses, Clematis petite Foucon and unknown pink one growing up besides a climbing red rose, a Viburnum with the most delicate white flowers nestled in shiny green leaves, asiatic lillys, lots of Hemerocallis in bud, a yellow flowered Star Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Sweetpeas growing up the willow arch with the seating beneath it, and a new Nemesia called Wisley Vanilla. It smelt of fresh Vanilla, it was a lovely delicate but sweet smell.
This part of the Garden is added too all the time. We saw evidence of the Head Gardener, large white sticks stuck near shrubs with instructions like Cut back, and Move to this area.
Under a nearby tree was a collection of plants in pots waiting to be added to the Scented garden. Lavender Hidcote, Bushy airy Fennell, more Nemesia Wisley Vanilla, Sages...
Half the plants had labels near them, half didnt, but you can get the idea of it. Tree's and large shrubs border the Scented Garden. It is properly open to one side to the mystery garden with newly mulched paths...
There are two Mirrored obelisks that I saw reflecting the nearby planting. Blue slate was layed in the centre around the raised beds, beneath the Willow Canopy.The surrounding borders were densely planted, and mulched.


Philosophical Karen said...

Wisteria only has a limited bloom time, so it might not have been anything to do with the rain.

I love that mirrored obelisk. It should look all modern and out of place, but it doesn't. I don't think it would look right in my garden, though, even if I knew where to find one.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Karen...I have never grown Wisteria so I didnt know.There was 3 weekss between visits in which time the flowers are done.But when they are there they are spectacular!I will try to grow some in my dream garden.