Monday, July 31, 2006

Lavender, they smell divine,i have a sprig in the kitchen windowsill to smell as it drys,mmm summer is lavender flowers.I kept catching them photographing the busy bee's, and they released that delicious smell into the air Posted by Picasa

Bee good Posted by Picasa

My best bee pic(it took a lot of shots to get those.We are talking about twenty go's they are so quick between lavender flowers) Posted by Picasa

Bee again Posted by Picasa

Busy bee Posted by Picasa

I am the second under gardener,looking at all those plants... Posted by Picasa

Sunshine rose after the rain Posted by Picasa

Sansaveiria flower buds still unopened,are they crying? Posted by Picasa

Nasturtium flower,its so red and cheery Posted by Picasa

Kalancoe on windowsill Posted by Picasa

sunflower with some visitors Posted by Picasa

Dandelion, a weedy flower but look how beautiful it is.Like sunshine in a cup Posted by Picasa

Dandelion with a buzzing visitor flying into the shot Posted by Picasa

The Mon Lam seed grown plants.what is it? Posted by Picasa

Dahlia freshly flowered Posted by Picasa

Finally it flowered, a white Dahlia Posted by Picasa

Evening primrose with some raindrops Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Last pic of sunday.. Posted by Picasa

Side view with red polka dotted flower covering Posted by Picasa

The mysterious mon lam, it has flower buds though.Soon to be revealed its identity.. Posted by Picasa

Closer up, could not smell anything, but its first night opening Posted by Picasa

Look what flowered this first evening primrose bloom grown from seed.yippee Posted by Picasa

Hollyhock's first true leaf... Posted by Picasa

oxalis in sunshine,put flowers up Posted by Picasa

nasturtium that was a bud yesterday Posted by Picasa