Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Autumn Changes

   The months of the year seem to be getting quicker as we head towards Xmas. The garden looks a bit tired around the edges after the summer party. These pink Colchicum have flowered in the Japanese Painted Fern pot. They are like pink ghosts rising from the green and brown fronds of the Fern.
 The Pansys are still flowering in the baskets. These little plants have good repeat flowering, and will even survive the Yorkshire winter. I love the burnt orange of this flower, like an Autumnal Sunset.
 The Wet path leading to the battered greenhouse, and shed. The weeds in the stones by the path are impressive. The Hostas are slowly dying back. The pots need clearing of weeds, and several need replanting.
 The view from the shed looking down the garden. The pots here move about and the table has become a decorative feature. Adorned in either bird food, or pots of Fuchsias.
The Shrub plants near the house have really enjoyed the Hot Summer, and Rainy Autumn. They both need trimming back. Both are loved by the garden birds for hiding in, and for perching for eating bird food. They also provide great perches for us to watch the birds from inside. They ignore us if we sit still behind the glass.