Wednesday, June 29, 2005


its getting late now.nearly two am.i worked a late.we just had a mini thunderstorm.lightning, and big thunder cracks.sallyanne freaked.then it started to still is raining now.
tomorrow im off so it will be a good gardening day unless it rains....

Monday, June 27, 2005

Back again

Im back again after three night shifts.Im back on early shift tomorrow which will be fun after being awake for three nights.I took some photos today and uploaded them plus some from a few days ago.
The square border looks fabulous with green and gold, blooming roses, and the french marigolds are begginning to explode with colour along the lines of where i planted the seeds.Its pyrotechnics in the garden.The hostas have added their flourish, light purple trumpet flowers with delicate tendrils.The books say they are inconsequential but i love these hostas!!
It was hot today when i slept.The foxglove wilted, and despite emergency watering it looks dicy.The poppy seedlings have withered into the dust.Next year for them.The geraniums have pushed out the flower buds at the end of long green stems.They were bright red last years,but i cant remember if i grew these from seeds or transplanted them.I think last years kitchen window ones died in the winter..
The blog acts as an aide memoire, to where i planted stuff, and what they were called.Its fuuny how you forget.Providence is where something grows the year after!!
The calendulas (call them that because of the french marigolds growing all over) are growing well along the lines of planting.Two curves and an S shape.
The carnations are looking gorgeous.They have taken really well under the forsythia.I hope for lots of nice flowers for cutting.
The little gems have filled out the left hand of the veg patch.The flat leaf parsley lines the left and bottom edges.
Its cool how things grow when you dont watch them.Like watching a pot boil!!
the grass needs cutting, watering tomorrow after my summer flowers!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

lettuce and flat leaf parsley Posted by Hello

two trunked tree Posted by Hello

sunflower Posted by Hello

hosta Posted by Hello

hosta flowers Posted by Hello

french marigolds blooming Posted by Hello

Tea rose with loads of flowers Posted by Hello

Kitchen window border late june Posted by Hello

house leek flowers and sedum yellow flower buds in container garden Posted by Hello

little gems Posted by Hello

Snapdragons Posted by Hello

Square border Posted by Hello

Summer colour Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Heat wave

Its been another scorching day.Good for sun worshippers and succulents, but bad for my tender plants and seedlings.I went around emergency watering all that was drooping.
The french marigolds have bloomed like mad.I need to put more slug pellets down.For once i won the battle, and they perished in numbers, and snails too.
I think a few more weeks and the lettuces will be gorgeous, fat, and ready to eat.The leaf size has noticibly increased with the sunshine.
My poppy seedlings have been decimated by the hot days.Ooops forgot to water them.Scorchio!!!
I even moved my japanese maple, and red pelagoniums to shady bliss, to stop them being cooked.I was out for quite a while but it was burning weather.
I got Chelsea to help me water the plants.Me with the big grey watering can, and her with the small pink one.
The pot marigolds are growing nicely in the bottom corner.
I am already thinking about new design for the cottage garden.It is very rocky, and drys out really quickly.Whether the hedge roots suck all the water away.The last occupants also dropped large amounts of burnt coal, and ash into the soil.
The border along the back garden fence needs redesigning.It has a lavender, rosemary, and lots of summer flowering violas.
The slope is probably 45 degrees, and it gets baked by the sun from midday to late evening.
What other gardens can you design?I looked up taoist garden, and it mentioned european knot gardens, islamic gardens, zen gardens (i like these, rocks, raked gravel, and simple single plants/trees).Moon garden all white flowers and trees which glow in the moonlight.
I dont know what to do.I want to buy a book and write my ideas down.Draw plans, look at garden books, magasines, and peoples blogs to look for inspiration.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Monday evening

Just added some new pics of the garden.I went shopping again and bought some new garden stuff.Small white fencing to edge around the square border, and the veggie patch.Its to stop footballs and toy cars running over the flowers.
The family love the garden.It works on many levels, barbeques four this year, the grandkids love playing outside with toys, and footballs.They dig soil and fill containers.Chelsea has been paddling in the inflatable pool.The grass has been saturated in places.
Yesterday the hottest day of the year caused plant damage, wilting leaves, and droopy stems.The sunflower keeled over.I revived it today...
the lettuces are growing, the slug pellets have done a fantastic job of knocking out the slugs.My veggies are growing well.
Loads of french marigolds are blooming.The square garden looks really nice.A mixture of greens, oranges, and reds.
The pot marigold seedlings have germinated.The nigellas look more fern like.
Can spend next two days gardening, catching the rays.At work they have realised i am a brown weathered look not a proper holiday tan!!
More blogs tomorrow

Monday, June 20, 2005

Red and orange french marigolds Posted by Hello

June summers day Posted by Hello

Square border clolour Posted by Hello

Sallyanne and me by inflatable pool!! Posted by Hello

Chalky pavement and washing line, a garden of many uses Posted by Hello

New fence around lettuces,carrots,and spring onions Posted by Hello

New white fencing around square border Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Pre sunny weekend

I posted more photos today.I bought two red flowered pelagoniums from Asda.£1.97 each!!I also got a tin bath style planter for them.
I got some slug pellets to try to put a minefield around my lettuces.We will see if they work!!Its supposed to be the hottest days of the year Saturday, and Sunday.We will see.
I repotted the four last busy lizzies, they do not do well outside.I normally make them grow well indoors.Too eager to plant outside.
The last four Salvia blaze of glory are now on the kitchen windowsill.
Enjoy the photos.Write more tomorrow....

Friday, June 17, 2005

Flower fairy on step Posted by Hello

Leggy lavender with flower spikes Posted by Hello

New display by backsteps Posted by Hello

Pelagoniums in bath style planter Posted by Hello

Two new pelagoniums Posted by Hello