Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Post

Sunrise this morning before the rain came and fell again. Im in the middle of night shifts. The hump night (fourth of seven) is tonight. I am thinking about Tatton Park.The RHS flower show in Cheshire. Have tickets for the final Sunday of the Show. Five little birds will go in Hils Car to see the flowers, show gardens, and exhibitors.
I got some more plants too on these set of nightshifts :)
I was brought in a Lupin, A blue Geranium, A climbing Fuschia, and a baby Hydrangea plant. I also Acquired a Buddleja volunteer from the gravel outside the Ward. I took some cuttings last week of another Buddleja too. I have two growing now. They look different so maybe there are various cultivars available.
Either that or I have brought back and potted up a weed!The indoor greenhouse is green, and the plants are chilling to Classic FM at night when im at work.The Chinese ground orchids are doing well now.The three pots were reduced to one big pot of them.They have been quite slow growing.
The Jewel Orchid has revived and is growing another stem.It lost its lower older leaves which turned limp then red. A new growing stem will hopefully bear some more holographic leafs to encourage the plant to grow on again.
I hope some flowers will come soon on the indoor plants.Geraniums, Fuschias, Busy lizzies, the passionflower, and the Lobelia red all have flower buds on...

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Philosophical Karen said...

I've had two different butterfly plants, one white and one dark purple, but I have seen all different ones, lighter purples and pinks. I did not know they grew wild like weeds.