Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Favourite Show Garden 2

The Gold medal winning Bubble garden by the Anthony Nolan trust celebrates the UK's most successfull bone marrow register. It was inspired by a photo of the young Anthony Nolan and his mother blowing bubbles. This website explains the beginning of the trust:
It was packed with people and very hard to photograph well. The design is a bubble chair and Anthonys favourite flowers Daisys in a protective circle, with a modern day moat.
The water bubbles, with fountains rising and falling, and a stream of bubbles being blown out. These bubbles were rising high up into the air, so you could see them from a distance.
The areas surrounding the moat had areas of grass, with flower globes hovering above the wispy grasses. The box balls was clipped into circles, the trees cut to look like childlike versions of trees as drawn by a young boy.
Agapanthus in whites and blues, Liatris like lightbulb filaments, unknown purple globe flowers, crocosmias were dotted around the back of the garden.
The bubble chair is partially visible in one photo.I loved the planting, the bubbles, and the fizzing water. The sun was shining, the bee's buzzing around the display.
My joint Favourite Show garden from last sunday :)


lisa said...

I like tha grassy area, and the inspiration for the garden, but the metallic/modernistic aspects are not really suited to my personal tastes. They did a fine job with it all though, IMO.

David (Snappy) said...

I liked the design with the moat, and the bubbles.Like I wrote there was a mixture of gardens, both traditional and contemporary.When you visit such flower shows with show gardens you can take your inspiration back with you.The gardens I did not like never got blogged!

Unknown said...

I love this garden. This is the kind of restraint to which I aspire but I know isn't within my power to achieve.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Blackswamp girl I read the bubble chair cost £80,000 and was on loan from Glastonbury festival for the Tatton Show.The lady who designed it was a first time Exhibitor who won through a competition to design a Show garden.You have it in to design your own little piece of show heaven for your front or back yard.
They inspire us I think to think more about how our gardens are structured.These show gardens are set out on paper then adhered to in construction.The plants, flowers, and grasses are woven around the hard structures. Thought about, and then rearranged to the best idea.Most of them actually looked better from ONE direction only.Most of the drawings are front ways on.
I guess with a square shape its easier to do a garden viewed from the front.Maybe they should build circular gardens so you can view them from all around.
Your garden is full of a plantsmans plants and beautiful with textures and foliage Kim.
Hugs :)