Saturday, September 17, 2005

autumn changes

Im back again after a little gap.I felt motivated today to go outside and tackle the tangle of the backgarden.A sloping, one foot high mass of grass, aggressive weeds, and damp ground.
It was strimmed , then mowed with the hover mower, and finally trimmed around the edges with scissors.
The summer bedding plants were removed, as were the phlox because they gave slugs a place to hide after midnight feasts on my plants.Several were strimmed/mowed which pleased me.they are rotting in the compost heap now.My green bin is virtually full now.Half compost, half refuse.
I still have the side and front to do but my muscles ache and i felt tired.
The gladiolus have flowered now,They have big showy flowers like silk hankies,Reds,purples, and pinks.However they do need staking as mine have flopped over.
I made Sallyanne a flower display with five flower heads.
Strangely with gaps between the shrubs the garden looks better.Maybe less is more?!
I am designing in my head again.The imagination is like the paints and strokes, the garden is a canvas.You can always do away with the old and start again.For me its a case of working out what worked, what did not, and ways to improve my clay, luggy soil.
I write this on a new laptop, need to find digital camera to take photos.The photos make the blogs work.And they can give you ideas for new plants or flowers.
The hot/wet summer is drawing to a close.The hospital where i work has beautiful grounds surrounding it with blackbirds, magpies, and squirrels.The leaves are dropping now.Fall as they say in USA.
Its magic as the leaves turn from green to golden brown, reds, and oranges, and all hues in between.They make a multicoloured carpet to kick your way through.(somethings remain fun if you are eight or eighty!)
More regular posts soon honest.Keep on growing.