Saturday, November 26, 2005

Gardens update

Its november.The summery garden is now just a memory with the pictures and the vagaries of my mind to remember.Its the tin stove season.
It has been freezing for days, with an icy north wind blowing from Scandanavia.The only things left growing are geraniums.
I am planning again for next spring, and summer.New roses, new blooming flowers.I need to get seedpackets and plan again.More photos soon.
The green soul never completely goes, even when life is raging around you.Lifes storms send our ships to and fro.The garden is a welcome respite from those stormy waters.Somewhere to reflect, rejuvenate, and plan the next moves.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

photos of autumn flowers...

Busy lizzies by backdoor...
Purple and pink gladiolus,they definitely need staking....
The beautiful evening primrose,grown from seeds this year...

autumn muse

i walked around today looking at what was still flowering.The evening primrose have beautiful yellow flowers like cups, geraniums still have flowers.The gladiolus have all but collapsed but have lovely flowers.My lavender have still got flower spikes.
Where i put the bird feeder sunflower seeds dropped into the veg patch.Lo and behold two sunflower plants have grown.One collapsed for unknown reason.There is still a one foot sunflower plant.... first picture using new blogger system is evening primrose

Saturday, September 17, 2005

autumn changes

Im back again after a little gap.I felt motivated today to go outside and tackle the tangle of the backgarden.A sloping, one foot high mass of grass, aggressive weeds, and damp ground.
It was strimmed , then mowed with the hover mower, and finally trimmed around the edges with scissors.
The summer bedding plants were removed, as were the phlox because they gave slugs a place to hide after midnight feasts on my plants.Several were strimmed/mowed which pleased me.they are rotting in the compost heap now.My green bin is virtually full now.Half compost, half refuse.
I still have the side and front to do but my muscles ache and i felt tired.
The gladiolus have flowered now,They have big showy flowers like silk hankies,Reds,purples, and pinks.However they do need staking as mine have flopped over.
I made Sallyanne a flower display with five flower heads.
Strangely with gaps between the shrubs the garden looks better.Maybe less is more?!
I am designing in my head again.The imagination is like the paints and strokes, the garden is a canvas.You can always do away with the old and start again.For me its a case of working out what worked, what did not, and ways to improve my clay, luggy soil.
I write this on a new laptop, need to find digital camera to take photos.The photos make the blogs work.And they can give you ideas for new plants or flowers.
The hot/wet summer is drawing to a close.The hospital where i work has beautiful grounds surrounding it with blackbirds, magpies, and squirrels.The leaves are dropping now.Fall as they say in USA.
Its magic as the leaves turn from green to golden brown, reds, and oranges, and all hues in between.They make a multicoloured carpet to kick your way through.(somethings remain fun if you are eight or eighty!)
More regular posts soon honest.Keep on growing.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Garden update

hello again.I have just finished my garden tidy up after being away for two weeks.I had visions of everything dying or flowering before i returned.
However it was a nice suprise.My pot marigolds have grown one foot in the air and have the maddest yellow/orange flowers.They were not like mums pot marigolds that self seeded a thousand times.I always liked the pungent green leafs and bright orange flowers, showy but short lived.
Three of the gladiolus have flowered.They definitely need support though as they flop around like drunken sailors at midnight!!
The evening primrose have grown bushy but all the flowers have gone.The snapdragons have flowered again and made seed heads.
My violas have gone over, some flowers remain and lots of dried seedheads.
The rose bush has risen again with new leafs and an orange flower bud.The french marigolds continue to bloom spectacularly.
I have some purple flowered umbrellas from summer bulbs.I dont know the name now,i forgot already.
The grass has been cut at the front and side.The back grass has gone wild,its about a foot tall.Notice the overgrown photo......
My dead busy lizzies have regrown and have flowers on them again.The lavender still has flower spikes on it.
In my abscence the weeds have grown equally.To my horror and hurt hand there were stinging nettles, brambles, and the evil bind weed choking whatever it could hold onto.
I have begun to formulate plans for next year once the summer starts to end.I have a short list of what grows and what died.I have some ideas for the terrible soil and moisture retention.
Going to put pictures on now....

Sunday, August 28, 2005

wild back yard Posted by Picasa

gladiolus two Posted by Picasa

gladiolus Posted by Picasa

kitchen window border Posted by Picasa

calendula (pot marigold) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

day off

I am back online after the computer went down, the broadband went off for two days.I am using sallyannes computer as the main one went crazy and stopped working.
I want to strim the back garden today.I have looked at the new flowers.The love in the mist are like blue stars hovering between green fronds.
the coriander has flowered with white delicate flowers.the lettuces need eating now....
The evening primroses have flower buds but not flowered.Geraniums have gone mad at the front and back.
the summer bulbs have started flowering.little blue flowers.cant remember what they are called.
The dutch iris have finished,i loved their blue/yellow flowers.More of those next year.the square border has no roses left just stems.the french marigolds continue to flower all where i put them.
more photos later....

Friday, July 29, 2005

rainy day

It has been a very wet day, it has poured and poured.the flowers have been battered.I looked briefly on the way in.hope its drier tomorrow.keep growing garden....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Autumn approaches

Just a quick post really.Its July 25th,Sallyannes birthday.I looked quicly around the garden at things that are blooming.I will rise early and take pictures of the growing things.
The evening primroses (the dirty half dozen that have survived the Kalahari like conditions) have gorgeous fat flower buds on them.The second bush fuschia is laden with white flower buds, the first bush fuschia is laden with a second flush of flowering buds.
The free plants seemed to have chilled under the hedges shadow.The spreading pink flowered geranium, and unknown flowering plant have survived the transplanting.
The summer bulbs are just green sword leaves no sign of any blooms...The nigellas are days away from opening the blue ufo type flowers hovering amongst the airy green ferny leafs!
The french marigolds continue to flower, explosions of bright orange, and reddish/orange,Single and double flowers, and the yellow double bloom french marigolds.These are my favourite repeat flowers.They have gained their invite to next years garden (just in my minds eye at the moment).
Moving to the kitchen window border the dutch iris (about 18inches high) have wilted.They are spectacular blue/yellow flowers.They are back next year.I want some different varieties though.Maybe a small section dedicated to Irises!!
The Calendulas have covered the soil totally, little gem like, but no flower buds yet!!
The biggest suprise is the dusty millers (prefer the US name instead of the long one Senecio Cinnereria) have gorgeous yellow daisy like flowers.But masses of them held above the grey/silver icing sugar dusted leaves.
Again the summer bulbs have produced leaves but no flowers!!!!
The lavenders have produced lovely fragrant purple flower spikes.The smell of lavender is so smoothing.The flower spikes are so tactile, and release a whoosh of perfume.I have smelt them a lot, enriches the senses.I have shown Chelsea (aged three) the delights of smelling plant leafs and flowers and herbs.
The pots by the back door have bloomed.The red pelagoniums have produced masses of tightly packed red flower buds.They remind me of sails on a ship, all curled up, but spectacular when they are unfurled.Red sails over green leaves.They have their own smell when touched pelagonium,geranium leaves....
The busy lizzies have gone mad with four variations of pink/red blooming in the square container.They are one of my favourite plants as they seem to like me growing them from packets of seeds.This is the fourth year i have grown flowering plants.
My only mistake was planting out too early.I lost ninety five percent of what i grew.The four in the pot are the ones i brought back inside untill they were big enough to sit outside...
The slug problem seems much less noticable.The little gem lettuces are ready to be picked and no slug danage has been done.I have not put any more pellets down....
More colourful pictures tomorrow.Keep growing, and dreaming new more exciting gardens world.

Friday, July 22, 2005

230th post

I havebeen off today and spent most of the day in the garden trimming the borders and edges, removing weeds, and looking for new growth.
I got some plants from one of my workmates which now sit in a pot.One is a spreading pink geranium.The other is nameless untill it grows flowers from which i can identify it.
The dusty millers have grown magic yellow flowers like daisies but orange yellow.The nigellas have blue flower buds ready to shimmer over airy green fern leafs.
The calendulas have grown big but no flower buds yet.The french marigolds have flowered every place i planted them.
The square border had no moisture in the top few inches of soil.Like the barren Kalahari desert, so thats why everything wilted during the hot days.
The evening primrose near the log border have grown large and have flower buds.The purple cone flowers have been repotted in a larger pot.
For some reason when i looked today the garden borders looked vibrant and cool like the first time i have seen them.I have been working a lot and feeling too tired to be green fingered.
Post photos tomorrow people.May your gardens keep blooming all summer!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

One year on

yesterday was mine and sallyanne's one year wedding anniversary.I bought her an eternity ring with seven diamonds in it, and took us away for the night to Hazlewood castle.I will post some pictures of the gardens.And some ones i took yesterday of new flowers.
The summer sun has killed a lot of my plants off.The rose bushes went into shock and dropped their leaves.The last buds are flowers and no more untill next year!!
the french marigolds shrivveled, the sunflower and foxglove drooped again.
Things that have flowered are some beautiful dutch iris (blue flowers petals with yellow circles, like the things they use at airports to direct planes).
The geraniums in the front window border have beautifull red/pink balls of flowers.My busy lizzies have flowered.The last four surviving plants grown from seeds!!
In the container garden the sedum have put up gorgeous yellow starry flowers, next to the house leek red trumpet flowers.
Gardens, as in life, have stages.When one door closes (or plants wilt in the heat), another opens (or flowers).
I have mental notes for next years garden.A new front garden border curved along the hedge.
A new garden for Chelsea (aged three) to play with and watch things grow.

Friday, July 15, 2005

hazlewood castle Posted by Picasa

love the lines of rose bushes Posted by Picasa

waterlillys just added Posted by Picasa

hazlewood castle grounds Posted by Picasa

Fab bird outside restaurant Posted by Picasa

Hazlewood castle herb garden Posted by Picasa

Hazlewood castle Posted by Picasa

Geranium (grown from seeds last year) Posted by Picasa

busy lizzies Posted by Picasa

my first dutch iris (ever) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 07, 2005

More garden plans

I have a gap before my proper night shifts begin>I have been watching program's on UK gardens satelitte channel.I have enrolled on a horticulture course made by the RHS.The Royal hoticultural society.It has been collecting garden knowledge for over one hundred years, and educating generations of gardens.Every year it publishes the RHS plant finder, a comprehensive list of all plant dealers.
It has also got public gardens where it can display its gardening knowledge.I have a fat heavy book of gardens, five hundred pages long.
I am starting at the basic level (two), and workin my way up to a master of horticulture.
Today it rained again.Since the hot weather it has rained daily.I still cant get to cut grass which is loving it.
I want to expand the front window border to curve around the hedge, so its more crescent moon shaped.
I have been playing with the idea of a zen garden.I looked up traditional ones with white gravel, raked around black rocks to resemble water.Multilayered japenese stone lantern holders.The soft roofed observation seats, to watch the garden and listen to the rain fallin on it.
The moon garden has a plant list, but no structure yet.I have a little book for drawing ideas and writing inspiration.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Flower buds on the silver fern Posted by Picasa

Rainy day Posted by Picasa

love in the mist Posted by Picasa

Square border fireworkd Posted by Picasa

Little gems Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 04, 2005

pre night shift post

the garden looks great still.the grass is slightly wild looking but nice with white clover throughout it.
the lettuces have grown so they nearly cover the soil.The french marigolds illiminate the square border.flower buds are opening on the over wintered geraniums.bright pink and red flowers soon.
one love in the mist towers all over the others.the evening primroses at the front have shiny leafs and fat red stems.the ones at the back struggle.the sunflower has grown to one foot tall but the hot weather causes it to droop after heat....
i will try to cut the grass either tomorrow after a sleep or wednesday....nights tire me out.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


its getting late now.nearly two am.i worked a late.we just had a mini thunderstorm.lightning, and big thunder cracks.sallyanne freaked.then it started to still is raining now.
tomorrow im off so it will be a good gardening day unless it rains....

Monday, June 27, 2005

Back again

Im back again after three night shifts.Im back on early shift tomorrow which will be fun after being awake for three nights.I took some photos today and uploaded them plus some from a few days ago.
The square border looks fabulous with green and gold, blooming roses, and the french marigolds are begginning to explode with colour along the lines of where i planted the seeds.Its pyrotechnics in the garden.The hostas have added their flourish, light purple trumpet flowers with delicate tendrils.The books say they are inconsequential but i love these hostas!!
It was hot today when i slept.The foxglove wilted, and despite emergency watering it looks dicy.The poppy seedlings have withered into the dust.Next year for them.The geraniums have pushed out the flower buds at the end of long green stems.They were bright red last years,but i cant remember if i grew these from seeds or transplanted them.I think last years kitchen window ones died in the winter..
The blog acts as an aide memoire, to where i planted stuff, and what they were called.Its fuuny how you forget.Providence is where something grows the year after!!
The calendulas (call them that because of the french marigolds growing all over) are growing well along the lines of planting.Two curves and an S shape.
The carnations are looking gorgeous.They have taken really well under the forsythia.I hope for lots of nice flowers for cutting.
The little gems have filled out the left hand of the veg patch.The flat leaf parsley lines the left and bottom edges.
Its cool how things grow when you dont watch them.Like watching a pot boil!!
the grass needs cutting, watering tomorrow after my summer flowers!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

lettuce and flat leaf parsley Posted by Hello

two trunked tree Posted by Hello

sunflower Posted by Hello