Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rosebuds And Rain

The Harlow Carr Rose is still making flower buds even in November.It has continued to pour down with rain causing more flooding, and water logging the soil here.I hope that next year is not as challenging as this year.
 We are going to London this evening for a week of relaxation,shopping,and sight seeing.I need to recharge my batteries ready to tackle the garden, and the weedy allotment plot.I need to revamp both places and try new plants,seeds,and varieties next year.The greenhouse needs replacing too, soon.I will be back next Sunday..

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Wintry Days

 The cold nights have started now.Since the clocks went back it has got darker earlier and more cold.The bird feeders have become an important feeding station for the garden birds and other wildlife like the Squirrels.I watched Autumn watch and saw short films about grey squirrels burying 3000 lots of food,and remembering 90% of them.Our squirrels do not need to remember much as the food is always there..
 A surprise flower was this exotic looking Toad Lily, growing in the same pot as the Pink Phlox.Only one plant has grown back from last year.These are beautiful Autumn flowers.
The Dahlia Bishop Of Llanduff flowers away still.I need to move the plants into the shed so they can die back and over winter in a dry frost free environment.
 I have moved the Hungry Bin into the shed today to stop the tiger worms from freezing.The cold weather has made them act really sluggish,and a few have died on top.I hope they are better inside a sheltered place until Spring when it warms up.
 Tomorrow we are waiting for the boiler man to come as our central heating has died.I'm typing this with my NY Yankee's top and woolen scarf to keep warm..
  I will do some pruning tomorrow of the Ceanothus,Roses,and Butterfly Bush.I want some hardy plants for our hanging baskets for winter colour and interest.