Monday, February 28, 2005

Update garden

Its been a bit snowy and wet recently so i have not been into the garden as much as i would have liked.I have put some new plants into the back border along the fence.They prompty got covered in snow so i have not looked at them to check the growth.
The vegetable plot is still an idea in my head.I think behind where the coal bunker is but bordering the neighbours garage/fence.I want to grow carrots, lettuce, and onions.The plan is new planting every three weeks for a fresh supply of those.I have a hankering to grow tomatos in a grow bag.Mum grew a beautifull tomato plant from seeds she dried out from a cheese and tomato sandwich!!
Any ideas how to grow tomatos successfully?Need some help folks!!
The plants i got are called chaenomeles, hebe silver dollar,and others i cannot remember.Keep on gardening world...

Sunday, February 13, 2005

More garden plans

I went shopping with Sallyanne today and as I wandered up the gardening aisle i found more seeds.This time i picked up three vegetables to grow.I have never grown anything edible before unless you count my parsley last year.
I hve got these seeds 1)spring onion white lisbon
2)Carrots autumn king
3)Lettuce little gem
The area behind the coal shed is to become my vegetable plot.I hope to have photos of before and after pictures.Any suggestions or tips are very welcome.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Your garden pics

I am showing my garden in all its rough edges and all form.I would love to hear from other people who have gardens, about the prolems they have faced and what they have done to overcome them. Love to see photos of before/after, work in progess, or that mythical one the finished garden. Keep leaving comments or email me links to your web pages. Keep the blogosphere turning world!!

Winter is Seed time

Its cold occasionally, the winter flowering bulbs have begun to push up from cold waterlogged ground. Snowdrops, bluebells, crocus, and lots of others i dont know the name of. Gardeners peruse through seed catalogues thinking about summer and flowers. I felt the urge today to go and buy some seeds.
I went into wilko's which always have a selection of seeds for flowers, fruits, and vegetable. I am thinking about growing lettuces for my babes who loves salads. The area next to my coal shed is dead space. Just grass and next doors garage. Watch this space as i have never grown any before.
The seeds i bought are:
2)Antirrhinum (snapdragons to me)
3)Evening primrose
4)purple coneflower

The first three i have grown, the last two i have never grown before. I want to go plant shopping tomorrow for the back fence border. I need some large shrubs to create focal points. The senecio cinnereria are lost in a sea of soil, only the phlox are there but they are flat to the earth.

Friday, February 11, 2005

First post today

This is my blog about my garden.I just took photo's and it does not look like a stately home garden by a long shot.
It is on a hill side, its windy, the soil is heavy and full of stones.It drains quite well some parts (the square border) dry out rapidly.The grass has a lot of weeds, and bindweed is all over the garden.
I had to remove tons of household refuse, broken glass, car parts, bricks, concrete, tiles,old coal fire ashes,dumped coal.It took a week to find the rubbish and remove it.The grass was four feet high in places.
Mowing is a problem because its on a slope, uneven with holes in places.The surrounding hedge is between six to ten feet high.
Two trees are within the garden.A white barked one with dainty leaves, and a two stumped lelandi which had been cut in half at the top.Amateur tree surgery i think.
Winter has killed off most of my plants which is why the soil is bare and plantless in places.
Look at the pictures that i will post now!More later.Does anybody know a garden design program?Or one for making a 2d plan?
View to front gates (with Gabresallasi cat walking across.Did not even know she was in photo frame!!) Posted by Hello
My composting bin (which has given the garden fresh compost this year from last years waste.Im proud of that, first time i have ever made it) Posted by Hello
See the start of the slope Posted by Hello
Two stumped tree Posted by Hello
White barked tree (what its called?) Posted by Hello
Side garden view (only two orange rose bushes remain from last year) Posted by Hello
Back garden view Posted by Hello
Kitchen window border (with euonymus, pieris fire mountain, and top left is a bare forsythia) Posted by Hello
Back fence border (only senecio and phlox have survived winter) with new compost Posted by Hello
Front window border (geraniums, foxgolves, snapdragons,heather) Posted by Hello