Saturday, July 07, 2007

Herb Garden

The South Facing Herb garden showing off a variety of Kitchen and medicial herbs. The whole garden was fragranced by the pungent Helicrysum Italicum, the curry plant. I thought it smelt like liquorice. Thats if the label i got was for the right plant! (the third photo down).
There was mint (last photo), thyme, sages, lavatera, field poppys, and lots more in rectangular raised beds, surrounded by concrete stones. A summer house was sat at the back with tomato plants growing in a builders bag (the one ton of stones in a cotton bag), growing all the way up. There were also peppers and African Marigolds.
One lot of seed heads looked like a belfry of bats hanging upside down (second photo). The herb had small yellow flowers on it. I dont know what the black seed pods belong too, or the red flowers, or the blue flowers.
It was dry enough to get down to smell the herbs and flowers, or rub the leaves to release the fragrant oils held within. A tactile scented garden!
Any guesses to enlighten me as to the identity of any of the photos gratefully accepted :)


Connie said...

Your 4th photo looks like some type of perennial Sweet pea.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Connie..It smelt lovely too, as well as looking nice!

Milz said...

I love your blog. Great info and nice pictures.. I need to browse more of your post. Thanks for sharing.