Saturday, July 07, 2007

Return to Harlow Carr

The Sun was actually out for part of Friday, and it only rained a bit, when we were at Harlow Carr again.

I wanted to see what damage had been done by four weeks of torrential rain, and flooding. I went around the gardens the opposite way and saw a lot more, that we did not see before.

The heavy rain last time meant we did not stop to admire all the plants, search for the labels, and sniff, touch, and weigh up each new find.

I took lots of colourful photos capturing the various areas that we saw. The Fuji Finepix got another severe work out.

There was the herb garden, ornamental grasses, Mediterannean planting around the alpine house, revisiting the mixed borders, the scented garden in sunshine and light breeze, a side garden with a newly mulched path, and strange unknown flowers. The streamside walk, and Queen mothers lake. Harlow Carrs famous woods, Arbotoreum, and wildflower meadows. An Apiary, and a bird hide. Childrens play area, and model village. The education centre, and a display of sustainable gardening.A wooden building with a grass roof..

I was suprised by how much there was to see, and wander how much more we can still look forward to finding.

The Curator of RHS Harlow Carr says on the Ethos of the garden "We want visitors to Harlow Carr to leave us feeling relaxed yet inspired, de-stressed but invigorated - and ready to help improve the planet by gardening at home."

It was funny to see what was growing still, what had been knocked about by the heavy rainfall, what was newly flowered. It looked different in places even over the space of four weeks or so.

The Gardens are dynamic, so you could go every month and see something new every time you went. I will be planning another visit soon though :)

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