Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An English Summer

... has gone according to the weathermen for this year. On Saint Swithins day (Last Sunday) it rained, so the rhyme goes it will rain for fourty days.
The Gardeners World magazine is full of drought beating plants, and water saving ideas's. They publish it a full month before the Calender Date on the cover though.
Are they more Hopeful than realistic the editors of GW magazine to hope it will be a long, Hot summer?
I virtually slept through most of yesterday after the seven nights.
This week I want to start my Horticulture advanced certificate. I am flower and plant mad so expanding my knowledge, and using my academic skills (rusty after six years post grad) will be good. I can apply the course to gardens and helping people with theirs. I am still an intinerant Gardener!
I had to photograph the Fireweed with its pink flowers, and poetical name. Fran wandered why it was called that, and was suprised about the Ontario forest fires and colonisation by the same Fireweed.
It is growing above on the edge of the NHS supplies centre, and building site. One house I walk past has a derelict garden that has eight Fireweed plants in flower. I wander if you can grow it from seeds? It is suprisingly ornamental for a weed :)

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