Friday, December 15, 2006

Au Revoir post

I am moving into a new flat on monday, and alas as yet it does not have internet. As soon as it does I will be back online commenting and growing things...
Just remember that the earth heals, and growing plants and flowers soothes the soul..

Au Revoir means see you soon in French.I hope to be posting again in the next few weeks, renewing acquaintences, and generally spreading the healing vibes..
It will be from Wakefield...will write more to those who want to know why im moving their on my own..
18 months on here have flown by, and with regular posting I can get regular readers.
To share the agony and ecstasy that is gardening. From the very big estates to the small container gardens.
I hope to see you all very soon, hope your gardens grow well and that you have a happy Xmas with your family and friends.
The Snappy gardener will return soon I promise.. :))

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Viola

Just a quick post, work calls :(
The Viola floweing in December and the cold has slowed the slugs down for a while.I wander if they go on holiday somewhere untill its warmer?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Orange Fire and Ice

First Frost that has iced the blades of grass.The road outside our house is icy and treacherous.

I feel relieved that it got that cold, because its been too mild i think.

I looked to see what was growing.The frost has cut a swathe through the garden.

I found a nasturtium flowering in December crazy!!

here is the orange/black nasturtium.Some beautiful colour in a frosty bare garden.My bird bath has been broken by the wind.It snapped on the pole that holds it up.The bird feeders have been broken too.

Desolation and destruction in December!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

December blues

I cant believe I have left it for two weeks between posts.My new post is mainly about life...

The photo is a beautiful sun setting, behind the tree's recently after an early shift on my way home...

Winter blues are here. Only the anemones remain stubbornly holding on. The only thing of hope is buds on the Forsythia, and Lilac tree.

The grass has stopped growing.It has been wet and windy, but not that cold really. I worry about the spring bulbs.

Things have been difficult at home, so my gardening pics and posts have dropped off. Things change, like the seasons, nothing is static.

I posted all the comments, then somebody reminded me of the chilling week has turned into I dont know how long.

I will endeavour to post something, the snappy gardener may be moving location to Wakefield. A new flat or house, and new garden I hope. Even if there is not I will keep up the green work. Garden for people at work maybe.

I hope all your gardens are growing.I must remind myself I love gardening, and growing things. And that despite lifes best efforts to trip us up we must remain true to ourselves.

Green fingers, green blood.The earth heals us, and connects us to the rhythms of life even when we feel disconnected from them.

I will take some garden pics tomorrow, for posterity sake.Thanks for all the comments!