Sunday, July 01, 2007

Gazing at the Stargazer

Look what bloomed as I worked.I just took a quick photo in the fading light.The day has been gray with rain showers steadily falling. The lilly looks magnificent and has a strong scent to it.I dont know what it smells like.
Colours and petals are easy to describe as metaphors.I will photograph it tomorrow, my first ever Stargazer lilly grown from a bulb.My only mistake was not planting the bulb deeper.It has had the most light of any plant growing.This is maybe why it dropped its other flower buds.
On the plus side the Flower has grown into a spectacular specimin, with no other buds taking the nutrients from the leaves and roots.
I have two bulbs for this lilly.It has made it into my grow it again next year plants.I want lots of blooms which will fragrance the whole room.
If you have grown it how would you describe the scent?I can only think of a deep, rich earthy lilly-ish smell, heavy with pollen.


Anonymous said...

David, Your new blogg page is out of this world. Great!
How did you do it, is it easy?
I think now.

Cute fox picture too.

Unknown said...

Aren't Stargazers spectacular? They really are among my very favorite flowers. Thanks for sharing!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Becky,I moved to the new templates and have been playing around trying to see what else I can add to snappys gardens blog.The fox picture I found on google images.He is such a cutey I had to lift it, then blog it!
Claire, the Stargazer lilly is a beauty.It smells faintly of either cinnamon or chives, with earthy tones to it.I was reading how people become allergic to the scent from lillys.I am not allergic to them and love the oriental smell mmm :)