Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ornamental Grasses

The Ornamental grasses border runs parallell to the Alpine gardens and houses, and runs along the Herbaceous perennials.
The website says it has Stipa Gigantica with its oat coloured flowers in the summer, followed by Pampas Grass in the Autumn. Miscanthus is also in the display with other grasses and perenniels such as Aconitum, Aster Ericoides, Salvia, Sedum, and Schizostylis.
These are underplanted with seasonal bulbs like Alium, tulipa, and Camassia.You need a horticultural degree to know what actually is growing.
Whats not captured is how the wind blew through the grasses which were over six feet tall, and made the display have a life to it. Its the sense of sight, and sounds that excited me.
Last time we walked straight past it...I wandered where the Ornamental grasses were.You need your eyes open all the time.
I have two small pots of Festuca Glauca growing on the kitchen windowsill, inspired by the Harlow Carr grasses.

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Unknown said...

I love the ornamental grasses and encourage their use in the garden. Our plants here in the gardens and nursery are starting to produce their flower spikes. I find fall the highlight of the season for the grasses. One favorite is Muhlenbergia capillaris, or purple muhly. The flower heads turn purple and look like purple clouds. Very cool!