Sunday, July 08, 2007


The Essence of Harlow Carr is the woodland. It was originally woodland, which have been cleared and managed properly to open up woodland glades for imaginative underplanting. I need a lot more knowledge about types of tree's. These will be a selection of photos. Last time we managed to get to the Edge of the Harlow Carr woods before the rain drove us back.

I loved the stillness under the tree's, the ferns and lillys..the woods surround where the wildflower meadows are, the bird hide, and the Apiary.

From the Entrance to Harlow Carr the tree line dominates as a back drop. It posted last time the Log rolls, tree sculptures, and wildlife habitats put within the forest setting.

The birds were singing as we walked around the tracks. There was more to see im sure, but that will be another trip.
We walked around them this time and found even more garden locations. The only thing I did not manage to find was the Six Doric columns and stone lions. Where are they hidden?

The Arbotereum is also on the edge of the woods I think. Where one begins and the other ends I dont know.

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