Friday, July 13, 2007

Fifth Nightshift photo: Butterfly Bush

The Long Purple, scented flower of a Buddleja growing across the Long causeway on the way home this morning. This wood shrub stretches over a seven foot fence, and drapes if flowers downward onto the Alley.
For an invasive plant it is pretty flowered.I have seen it in public displays, in building sites, and derelict Carparks.
The indoor greenhouse has two growing versions of the Butterfly bush.I hope to have a garden soon to plant them for attracting Butterflies and Bee's.
They can be cut back hard in the Spring, when they will regrow vigerously, and flower on the new Growth. My two cuttings seem to have rooted easily and are growing now :)
Hope your Friday the 13th is Lucky, and not too many black cats cross your path.


Anonymous said...

The color of this butterfly bush is outstanding. I have some in my garden too.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Becky, I hope you post a photo soon.I have got two varieties growing in the Flat.The wild version from a volunteer growing in gravel outside my work, and a cultivated variety snipped on the way to the supermarket.
I hope they both grow so i can compare the flowers colour and eventually in a garden, the attractiveness to Bee's!