Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Favourite Show Garden 3

The Suttons "growing for Health" Garden was promoting family health through growing fruit and vegetables. I loved the Sunflowers, lemon tree, and zig zagged raised beds.
The scarecrow with a crow sat on his head appealed to me. It showed a variety of veg that can be grown in raised beds, up pergolas, and in small pots. It had a small water feature, the ball with bubbling water.
A Barbeque at the back had a box with herbs and veg ready to be cooked.
A selection of the Show gardens have been blogged now.I was hard pressed to pick three, but those had the most photos taken of them.
I dont know whether to blog more from Tatton. I have my favourite back to back gardens, where there were 33 to choose from!
I will be back to one of the major flower shows, either Chelsea, Hampton Court, or Tatton Park.The ideas and masses of plants for sale and on display is amazing.
I cant imagine anyone who loves gardening not being moved by the displays here.


lisa said...

That place looks fantastic! I really like the bubbling water feature...much more low maintenance than a pond.

David (Snappy) said...

I love the cottage garden feel, with the natural planting.Beans growing up the pergola, strawberrys falling out of the raised beds.The fan trailed fruit growing along one side.
The bubbling stone was cool, less problem than a pond.

Unknown said...

Snappy, I am loving these reviews... and I think your new blog header, with the white astrantia, is gorgeous, too.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Kim,I took the Astrantia picture at Harlow Carr.Then lots of bloggers identified it for me.I want to grow these white ones with the lime green edging.They are like jewels.
I did not know how much to blog after so many beautiful gardens and flowers.Im glad you like my reviews :)