Monday, July 23, 2007

Floral Marquee Colour

A wasp getting into the Action on a purple cone flower. I have used the Catalogue Hils gave me and my memory to name the Suppliers of the plants photographed. Some free advertising for them, because the whole marquee was ablaze with colour and form.

A gorgeous Ladyslipper orchid from Dave Stead Orchids..

Begonias in a variety of colours from bright to pastel shades. The flowers are amazingly delicate looking. Like a more relaxed rose. From Blackmore and Langdon.

The Sumptuous Orange Mamma Mia rose (who doesnt love Abba?) from Fryer Nurseries.

The Display from Dibelys with Begonias, Coleus, and its world famous Streptocarpus.I have two more Streps now, plug plants that were encased in muslin cloth and a clear bag.

A stunning arrangement of my fav Peruvian lillies, Alstromeria from Phillip Tivey and son..

Look at the gorgeous Oriental lillys from Harts Nurserys. I saw the woman who bought the display on the left hand side carrying it away at 4pm yesterday. She must love the smell of Stargazer lillys.

High Park Nurserys Beautiful Carnations..

The Gold medal certificate given out by the RHS judges.
The Venus fly traps and Pitcher plants won a gold medal for Hampshire carniverous plants.

Hostas and Ferns from Mary Green in a naturalistic display..
An Orchid from the Gold medal winning display from Dave Parkinsons plants.
The aircraft hanger sized marquee with masses of plants, people, and light..

Some lovely Ornamental grasses from Foxglove plants with a Best display Gold Medal proudly on show.


Tira said...

All absolutely gorgeous! Love the grasses, mama mia roses, orchids... too much, I'd spend my entire salary!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Nicole I was good and only spent about £20.If I had a garden I would have bought more.I took home four packets of seeds and a few plants :)
Its too hard to leave without a souvenir of Tatton.

lisa said...

Wow, I love the ladyslippers, the dibley display, and those grasses! You sure have some nice shows to attend!

David (Snappy) said...

Come to England Lisa,and I will take you to some traditional English Flower shows.The large RHS ones, and smaller local shows.
I loved the ladyslipper orchids and the grasses too.We are more alike every time you comment :)

lisa said...

I would love to visit sometime! As soon as that big bag of cash falls from the sky! ;-)