Sunday, May 29, 2005

Computer gremlins

Computer just crashed taking out my post with it.I spent the late afternoon/early evening out in the garden.It was so hot and windy today it wrecked some plants into collapsing.
The purplish pansys, and orange violas moved to the front of the house near to the hedge where it is cooler.The japanese maple moved in its new pot to its old position.
The busy lizzie and salvia seedlings have been transplanted into new bigger pots that hopefully wont dry out as quick.
I took lots of photos to show the gardens good bits.I have been reviewed on a website,the link is

Thanks to the lady for that.I must have a poets soul, and green fingers.Am going to York for a few days so it will be postless untill tuesday.No more work.I hope to visit a garden or two in York, and will take pictures.
Heres to a long hot summer, where my floral triumphs outweigh the disasters.I learn from them when i start to plan again for next years garden!!
I included a nighttime pic of the firefly globes.The digital camera is not good for night pics...

Saturday, May 28, 2005

My Camelia pink,its crowning glory Posted by Hello

Nighttime Firefly globes Posted by Hello

Last of the sunflowers between the fairies.. Posted by Hello

My homegrown french marigolds Posted by Hello

the scarred backgarden post gasmen, and new washing post. Posted by Hello

kitchen window border end of may Posted by Hello

Grandparents memorial alpine garden Posted by Hello

Little gem lettuce from the virgin soil Posted by Hello

Snapdragons from old house, transported seeds in envelopes Posted by Hello

Hostas with flower buds held aloft Posted by Hello

My gorgeous cinnereria senecio,silvery leaves dusted with icing sugar. Posted by Hello

My summer bulbs sword leaves between frog, snail, and poor flowering phlox Posted by Hello

The flowering phlox with pink dainty flowers Posted by Hello

Japanese maple in grey pot, moved to its old home by the new fence Posted by Hello

My new windcatchers in action...blurry wings Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

A thoughtful essay

In my email was a gardening one.It started with the editor talking about his mother liked him to look presentable, when he was going out.His garden is seemingly presentable too.He got an email reply which i will lift in entirety...

"This is Mark. I am 16 years old and graduating the 10th grade Wednesday. Your story has impacted and reflected me so much! My mom had just passed away in February, and she wanted me to be presentable also. She also loved her gardens. After her passing away I have felt the need to take over and make her proud. I do landscaping in my community and at local businesses.
"I've just recently finished redoing my yard and making a special garden just for my mom. I first started using this website just for the designing part, but after opening some of the e-mails that BHG has sent me I've realized what more makes a garden. It's not just making the place look better, or doing it for the money. But for the results and passion of why you're doing it. I've become a landscapist because of my mom's passing. That's why I enjoy gardening. It makes me feel closer to her and a part of her, caring for the things she did. People that plant and garden have to have compassion and pride in what they do in order to get the results they want.
"My mom was the Miracle-Gro to my life. She raised me to be a leader and not a follower. She has made me into what I am today. I'd like to say thank you for your inspiring story. I've learned to keep up the work I've been doing and I'll get somewhere."

That is the coolest email though.My own plant taste was developed from my mother.Some parts of my garden are her favourites too.Its funny but gardening tastes, ideas, and techniques can be handed down from generation to generation if these things are allowed to develop.
The website the email originated from is

Yellow flowers

When i was hobbling around the supermarket today i came upon some yellow french marigolds.I thought yes for my square border with the orange roses, and soon to be gorgeous french marigolds.I have some salvia blaze of fire seedlings growing earmarked for that border.A colourful orange/yellow/red and green.
The workmen have dug and recovered the holes.Now i have soil all over the grass and several large bald patches.
I bought three small wind catchers (a ladybird, a bee, and a dragon fly) but dont know where to put them.I felt too tired to plant my ten yellow marigolds.They will look great once they recover from the bumpy trip home in a carrier bag!!
The veg patch seems to have sprung up when the workmen were there.I spied carrot seedlings, spring onion ones, and lines of herbs have also appeared.The little gem lettuce have also grown slightly bigger.They are motoring underneath, growing roots before another energy burst of leaves.
My second snapdragon has started to flower too in the cottage garden.Expect lots of flower pics when things start to bloom.
Gardening is like making your own firework display, you just love the build up, but the ecstacy is in the explosion of colours!For me the flowers lovingly picked, tended, and watched for signs of growth.
The garden as it is now remained for a long time an image in my head.Collection of flowers i liked, plus ones i have found in garden centres or supermarkets.In the UK lots of shops sell bedding plants during the spring/summer to fill gaps with your garden centre plants,shrubs, and tree's.
I stood and sat this evening on the back steps watching my solar lights flicker, the colour changing firefly globes, and simple white/yellow lights of the others.There were no kids or dogs making noises.Just a gentle breze blowing across our hillside, and it was serene.Thats a gardeners moment, just looking at your borders, and grass, and the sky.All your work pays off then for that sublime moment..
Then i went back inside for coffee.Back to work tomorrow early, with my broken toe.Such is life.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pansies/violas bathed in sunlight Posted by Hello

french marigolds Posted by Hello

Orange rose buds Posted by Hello

Cottage garden may26th 2005 Posted by Hello

Square border (french marigolds rose bushes and hostas with flower buds) Posted by Hello

Basil,Chives,Coriander kitchen windowsill style may 2005 Posted by Hello

One hole, of four, by destructive workmen digging for gas pipes Posted by Hello

My veg patch (lettuce little gems) Posted by Hello

End of a stretch

I am off now today and tomorrow.I worked four nights, seven days, and a study day.The garden feels a little neglected.This is a quick update I will take photos tomorrow of growing things.
The gasmen have ripped four large holes in our garden to expose gas pipes.I was mortified they dug up my japanese maple, and small euonymus green/gold.The former is now in a square grey pot, the latter in the cottage garden.
I got a gardening newspaper with free seeds (read previous a sucker for free seeds).
I have flower on the Camelia, and an explosion of new leafs from buds, the snapdragons have gorgeous pink flowers on one, and buds on the other.
The french marigolds continue to grow,does anybody know what the hard balack thing at the centre of the leaves is.A flower bud point or something?On one it is egg shaped.
The seedlings of love in the mist, and candytuft have developed their first pairs of proper leaves.Love in the mist have gorgeous downy fern like leaves.
My one sunflower grows up the little stick.I need a good sized pole to train it up.The ladybird windcatcher succumbed to the wind and is broken.
The lettuce seedlings grow slowly,still waiting for the other seedlings to break through the soil.Sallyanne shouted at the workmen who dug holes not to disturb the vegetable patch.
Around the various borders the gladiolus, dutch irish, and wierd other bulbs are springing up so swords of green leaves rise from the soil.
As i squatted in the soil examining my handywork I was warmed by the sun.Great feeling the sun on my face, neck, and arms!!
Everyone at work thought i had been away somewhere foreign.I have been in costa del castleford in our garden,I love it!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

At work soon

Had a quick look around today.The things i noticed today were flowerbuds on the rose bushes.They are delicate oarange tea roses with the sweetest smelling flowers.It remains to be seen if they flower as well as last year from the nursery.
The french marigolds have got more sets of double leaves, and have black buds at the centre of the leaves.Dont know what they are.
In the cottage garden the only flowering one is the snapdragons with pink flowers.I will try to photograph things next day off i have (thursday).
The ladybird windcatcher is outside, but the wings keep catching so its not turning properly.I will think how to correct this next days off.
The birds have eaten three quarters of the seed.Sallyanne saw four clinging to the metal frame pecking away.I have not seen ANY birds eating from it....
The lettuce rows look cool, small green seedlings in lines across the soil.Nothing else has appeared yet.We will see.
I read in a magasine about growing strawberries in containers,in the autumn i will look for some strawberry plants.
more garden blog soon world.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Seeds grow slowly

I must be so impatient.Everyday i go out, squat down, and see whats sprung up from the seeds i have planted.
Hurray the lettuce seedlings have come up,little green leaves rising up from the three rows i planted a few days ago.
The windowsill herbs are all sprung up an inch high.Basil, coriander, and chives..the outside herbs have not done anything yet.
my gorgeous wind ladybird has had its wings blown off despite repeated repairs.Its too windy on our back garden.Its like a windtunnel across.
The candytuft and nigella love in the mist have sprung up but not grown at all.they are stuck in perpeptual seedling mode.
The birdseed i put in the feeder is being demolished gradually.Only two thirds left now.When do they eat it?I have never seen any birds on it, yet the seed is visibly going down.Strange....
The hostas have sprouted proud flower buds between the green/gold curly leaves.They look solid next to the rose bushes, and the french marigolds.The transplanted housegrown ones, and grown from seeds in the earth.
My only worry is a secret population of slugs is waiting to eat my hostas and lettuces.I read about beer in saucers, egg shells, and even copper wire.
Any ideas how to stop slugs eating your prize plants?
The bird feeder has two benefits.One i get to watch the birds (when they appear), and they get to eat the bugs.
Last year i discovered french marigolds attract ladybirds and hoverflys, who repelled the aphids attacking my orange roses.Its called companion planting.
I dont want to use any chemicals, and try to use nature to repel invaders....making compost is one facet of this.Add more photos when things grow or not!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Jetlagged again

well i finished my four nights, and today after sleeping for fourteen hours i went into the garden to see what was growing.Bulbs are poking up.Pansies and violas look gorgeous with their happy faces of purple, yellow, orange, white, and red.
The camelia has lost its big flower but the buds are fattening now.The french marigolds grow slowly.The veg patch has not grown anything yet.
I planted evening primroses, and purple coneflowers into the cottage garden.It is filling up slowly with plants and flowers.
The patio tree has finished its pink flower explosion and looks scraggy now.It has a few green leaves on it though.
Jobs i want to do include plant grass seed at the back, but covered this time so the birds dont eat it all.I want a shrub to go where the corylopsis has failed to do anything.
Will keep writing and posting pictures of our garden,goodnight world.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gardening before nights..

Its Thursday afternoon, and i have a few hours left before I go to work.Four night shifts.The only good thing will be coming back to see whats growing in the garden before breakfast, and bed.
I planted the vegetable patch today, freshly dug yesterday.I am of the plant it and see if it grows variety.Experience teaches us what can grow, and what cant.
I have planted little gem lettuce, autumn king carrots, and white lisbon spring onions.Between rows I have planted some herbs, basil, coriander, and parsley.I have marked the rows with sticks for weeding and watering.We shall wait, see, write, and photograph my results..
Our hedge had brambles in it which had loads of blackberries.I want to make jam this year if they are plentiful.Im formulating a list of things to grow next year.A herb garden is top of the list, followed by some tomato plants, and other salads and vegetables or potatoes.I have that long strip at the side of the house which is just grass.I could squeeze more plot out.
I have moved my evening primrose, and purple coneflower seedlings to the side of the house away from the step.The busy lizzies, and ten salvia seedlings are basking in the sun.
I want to have a half dozen pots by the coalshed, around the bottom of it.It is an off white concrete colour, and will display colourful flowers easily.More posts soon, after nights probably.Keep growing, and looking at whats growing!!

Sunshine after rain

The sun was back out today.Its warm rays warmed me up from the cold wind that blows occasionally.I went back to focus to buy more logrolls for back garden fence borders (see photos), a new birdbath for Sallyanne, a bird feeder now hung up on the washing post, and some magical solar lights.I have four frogs, two snails, two firefly globes that change colour every few seconds, and four white garden lights.Its lovely to see them glowing, more so because they are powered exclusively by the sun.Magical.
I dug out a six foot by three foot border today next to the coalshed.I have seed packets for little gem lettuce, carrots, and spring onions.I read in last months gardeners world about the lady who owns the riverside cafe grows salads, tomatos, herbs, and various edible ingredients so she can fix a meal from her own grown produce.The excess goes to her cafe, which itself has a garden growing to supply it with fresh salad and stuff.
Mum used to grow rhubarb, enormous fat pink stalks, and leaves the queen of sheba could be fanned cooler with!!I love rhubarb crumble now too,mmmm.
Other garden projects in progress are my french marigolds are growing slowly.The candytuft, and love in the mists have sprung up in the cottage garden.
No sign of the scabiosus i planted, or the snapdragons.The foxgloves, and last years snapdragon plants are growing.The geraniums have wierdly coloured green,yellow,brown leaves.
Various bulbs are pushing up triumphantly from their small bodies, ready to explode with flowers.
This year i have kept all the packaging, and seed packets so i can remember what i planted and where.More posts later.My wife wants to upgrade our internet!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A bare new vegetable patch.... Posted by Hello

New log effect border... Posted by Hello