Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding day

It was the Royal Wedding today.I watched for five hours before it was all over.I loved the Field Maples and Hornbeam Trees lining the aisle in Westminster Abbey.They looked magnificent under the grand Gothic arches.I wish the best to Prince William, and Kate Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
After the pomp and ceremony I went out into the garden to water the greenhouse plants.I took my camera and snapped a few photos around the garden of flowers. This Aquilegia is just flowering today.I love these flowers in their myriad of colours.It is a prolific self seeder so I should see generations of these year after year.I love the burgundy colour of the spurs.

Growing in a pot on the Outside Table is this Pelagonium Choco.It has beautiful dark burgundy flowers, and it is thriving.I bought two Pelagoniums at the Spring Flower Show.Its sister plant is lemon scented (almost like lemon sherbet actually) and has pink flowers with facial markings.I found some beautifully decorative pots for displaying these beauties where we sit in the sunshine.

The last photo is of the Geum Orange flowering by the pond.I spotted the Frog today in the daytime.He is getting braver slowly.Cat even managed to stroke him one night for a while before he hopped into the depths of the pond.Our Water Lily is nearly breaking the surface of the water.I put it in a basket and lowered it to half the full depth of the pond.I have been watching the Water Lily's leaves slowly grow upwards towards the sunlight.I hope that Frogs will sit on them or under them.The Wildflowers are starting to bloom in earnest.I sowed a mix last year so need to find my wildflower book to identify what we have.I love the idea of it regrowing year after year with different flowers emerging each year.I hope that Butterflies and Bees fly to the nectar rich Wildflower area of our garden.

I put the Trellis attached to long canes, into the Honeysuckle pot so the two plants can grow up and away.The left hand plant is double as vigorous as its sibling plant.One has white flowers, whereas the other has red flowers.I hope they will both flower this year.

The birds have been flying in and out of the garden all day.I noticed today that the Aphid explosion on the Lupins has been ended.I saw two House Sparrows flying onto my David Austin Roses to eat all the pesky Aphids.They have demolished the Lupin aphids for me.A fringe benefit of attracting wildlife to your garden.

I need to prick out lots of Everlasting Flowers, and Asters in the greenhouse.I will have a garden full of those flowers by the summer.Cats plug plants have not arrived yet.I plan to do our hanging baskets with those when they come.She has found her green fingers this year too with her pot grown Herbs. They are doing magnificently.

I'm off tomorrow so I think it will be a few hours at the allotment weeding and watering.the Greenhouse grown veg are all growing slowly.I will have loads of Tomatoes and Hopefully some productive Chili Plants.

The sunshine and birds singing inspires me to get out into the garden daily to see whats growing and blooming.Each new day brings fresh suprises or colours.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunshine And Shopping

This is the pond today surrounded by the Wildflower area.I sowed more wildflower mix around the pond area.I hope it will be covered in beautiful flowers which will attract Bees and Butterflies.

I was off work today and spent the day with Cat seeing Arthur at the Cinema (With Russel Brand)and some shopping.

I bought a new fan shaped trellis to grow up the two honeysuckles that grow by the backdoor,new Oriental Stargazer Lily Bulbs,Pea and Strawberry netting, and some Supports to hold netting to protect our garden grown Strawberries.

I bought a new garden tea light holder that is very Art Deco with coloured glass panels, and hand painted flowers on the lid.I will illuminate it with tea lights.I also bought a canvas painted with Lilac flowers and leaves from a Lilac Tree.

I have just done my night time torch light patrol of the pond.My little Frog was sat chilling on the pond grass.He has seen Me for the past few nights.I read on a Wildlife site to look at Newts in the pond at night when they are active.I wanted to see the Newts swimming around.I heard the Owls across the road in the woodland corridor shrieking and flying around.A Barn Owl I think.

I have one more day to work before three days off.Friday is the Royal wedding which I am looking forward to.I will do more gardening, and get back to the allotment.

Today I saw the first Butterfly of the year in our garden.It flew off before I could get my camera from inside the house.Every day is a pleasure to go out into the garden to see what is growing, what is blooming, and what wildlife I can see close to the house.When the sun is shining I am very happy.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bluebell Wood

I have spent Easter Sunday at the allotment and in the garden. I weeded, and watered the plot, then planted some Gladiolus bulbs,and sunflower seeds. That took three hours and was cloudy.
I walked back in the sunshineand then spent the afternoon in the garden. I made two Barrel planters up and filled them with Gladiolus and Asiatic Lily's. I re potted my two David Austin roses. Harlow Carr, and Darcy Bussell are now sat in big deep pots on the patio area.
I moved some of the pots around and this combination inspired me to photograph it. The almond scented Mexican Cherry Blossom contrasts against the Bird Of Paradise Tulips. This really is Fire and Ice, in the fading daylight.

I walked through a local park to get to the allotment. The park has a Lake with ducks, and a densely wooded area.This nature place is five minutes from our house. I saw these Bluebells flowering beneath the green cathedrals of deciduous trees new leaves. The light is diffused enough to power this woodland specialists into flowering. People travel miles to see Bluebell Woods. Artists have been inspired to paint woodlands with carpets of Bluebells dancing in woodland glades.

Ours is a woodland strip that runs along a stream.It is surrounded by houses on one side, and rough woodland/scrub on the other. A path runs through it, much loved by dog walkers and cyclists.A playing field and farmers fields border the stream. The Bluebells have naturalised widely in the wooded areas. They are one of the wanders of Spring Bluebells.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

One of the Aliums I planted last year has started to open its flower bud. I think this is an Alium Gladiator. I love the firework explosion of purple flowers that attracts bees and insects. The flower head also looks decorative, once its dried out after blooming.

It is good friday today and the weather was absolutely perfect for the start of a bank holiday weekend.The sun was shining all day.

Cat took me to Hampsons to buy some Barrel planters, two large pots, some bird food, and plant supports.I also bought some more bags of compost when i was there.

I spent the rest of the day in my shorts, vest, and sandals gardening.

The Broccoli's, Cauliflowers, Brussels Sprouts, Swedes, Tomato Red Cherry,Cats Herbs (Parsley,Coriander,Basil,Chives) and French Marigolds have all been re potted. I re potted one Aster to see how it grows on, and a tray of nine Everlasting Flower seedlings

I swept out the greenhouse and tried moving the pots around.The amount of room is shrinking on the shelves, as the volume of plants is expanding.

I planted the Thistle plant (Cirsium Rivulare) we got from David Austin by the wildflower part of the pond.The plants are growing well around the pond. Some of the wildflowers from last year will hopefully regrow again. That is the only area that will not be given new compost!It remains a sandy/stony mix with low nutrients for the wildflowers.

I finished re potting the Tomato plants with the light fading.I used the torch to spy on the pond. My torchlight Safari showed two Newts swimming around the pond.

I saw our resident Frog on the pond last night.Its gratifying that the effort I have put in is attracting wildlife into the garden.

The New Roses (Harlow Carr, and Darcy Bussell) need planting into the new pots that I bought.The remaining Lily's can be planted in the Barrel planters.I have some Gladiolus that need planting in the strawberry bed. The plants are so healthy looking that I think I will need some netting and canes to make a cage to cover the fruit. We have so many birds in the garden. The soft fruit will be very tempting for them.

The concrete path is turning green slowly with the Hostas growing quickly in the April sunshine.

The Roses all look healthy and the Gertrude Jekyll has now got a new curved plant support to hold her upright. It has Rose buds on. I think she may be the first Rose to flower in our garden.

I'm back to work tomorrow so Easter Sunday will be my next gardening day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Garden Photo April 2011

This was the garden a few days ago.Pictured is the greenhouse on the new concrete base.

The water butts are sat on the concrete step built up along the path.

The Potato grow bags,Hostas and Roses are visible along the path.

My Rose Bench is sat on the right hand side between the sleeper strawberry bed and the pond. The Bird feeders are visible in three places.

The difference between the new and old fence panels is clear.

The planting in the sunken border where the Tulips are has grown more solid. A few weeks ago there was a lot of bare soil. The plants have started to knit together in a quilt pattern of colours and textures.

The David Austin roses still need to be potted up.I spent the day at the allotment today marking out the beds with canes and string. I planted Parsnips and Peas. I put up five foot canes for the Raspberries to have some supports.I planted a small bed of Asiatic Lily's next to the Rhubarb.The sun was blazing hot.

Once I finished at the plot I had to water all the plants in the greenhouse. It was a stifling 32 degrees Centigrade inside.The soil is drying up very rapidly inside.

I'm back to work tomorrow. I have done most of the allotment work until the greenhouse grown plants are bigger.I can concentrate on making the garden ready for summer on Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Days

Its April and its amazing how much is growing and blooming in the garden.I thought I would share five photos that I have taken recently showing whats growing in the garden. The first photo is of the Geum Orange which is flowering by the pond. It has a warming quality with its golden orange flowers. I love the leaves which are vibrant as they dance in the breeze.

The second photo is of the Apple Tree blossoms. The cold winter and strong winds have damaged the flower buds I think. There are only three fruiting spurs like this one. I hope to have enough Braeburn Apples to make an Apple pie. I hope next year will bring more Apples. There is no pressure on this tree now.I wander if it would be better in the ground rather than in a pot?

This photo shows my Sage plant that I grew from seed. It is two years old now and growing beautifully.I love the strong smell of the crushed leaves. I am growing more Sage for companion planting at the allotment.It has pretty flowers too, as well as tasting good with onion in stuffing.

My Lilac Tree is flowering away and the scent is absolutely divine.Its almost good enough to eat. Like a sweet candy smell. I am constantly smelling the flowers, and inhaling the perfumed scent.I love scented plants and flowers.Emotions can be stimulated by the nose.

The Choisya has been put into a pot. The winter was harsh and it damaged the plant leaves and buds. It must be a warm blooded plant and hates the frost and ice!

I loved the dainty white flowers. They smell like warm almonds, almost like a freshly baked Bakewell Tart. The variegated Choisya died but this one is hanging on. The scented flowers make up for the damaged leaves and not very good looks. I hope that it will regrow with vigour and that the plant will revive.

We went to Wolverhampton today to visit David Austin Roses.I will blog about that tomorrow.I love the fullness of April Days.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cats Dicentra

I have been struggling to have a day off free from digging, or manual labour.I told Cat yesterday I was going to rest today from allotment digging/gardening which is easier said than done.

The photo is of Cats Dicentra or Bleeding Heart.It looked like it had died off over the winter but has regrown with a vengeance. I love this mystical Eastern perennial shrub with its pendulous flowers like a string of pink pearls.

The mystery shrub is still in flower behind it.

I have done a shortlist of images from the Harrogate Spring Flower show which I will share with everyone soon. there were 180 to choose from!

I spent Friday and Saturday digging the final section of the allotment. I blistered my calluses and damaged my cuticles on my left hand. The marking out can be done on Wednesday. The plants for the allotment are still being grown in the greenhouse.

I find it extremely hard to sit down for long.I have mulched the sunken border with some of last years potato compost. I planted my Chinese Peony, and potted up the two Pelagoniums from the flower show.

We went for a walk around Pugneys lake today, braving the crowds and flies. We saw two Herons in the bird sanctuary lake, and four Swans.

I have actually sat with Cat this afternoon on our black table and chairs sunning ourselves, and watching the Birds flying in and out of the garden.For a while anyway.

We were visited by a cute fluffy Black Kitten who rolled around on our paving slabs before running off. He/She is nameless at the moment.

I wander if the act of gardening is always dynamic and moving around a garden. Doing jobs and enjoying the doing of them. Sitting still seems to be an antithesis of gardening!

I must learn how to sometimes enjoy the peace and tranquility that the garden has when you sit still in it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pieris And Plans

The Spring flower show yesterday was amazing well attended. There were tens of thousands of people at the Yorkshire show ground.

I had a shopping list of Chocolate Cosmos and some Dahlias.

I came back with treacle toffee, Irish cream Toffee, a watercolour print of Daffodils, a pot to grow of Scotch Bonnet Chilli's, Four Dahlia roots,a Chinese Tree Peony, and three Tiger Lily's.We bought some metal curved supports (for the Cabbages at the allotment to hold a net over them to stop Pigeon strike), and more metal supports from the same lady to grow podded peas here in the garden. We bought the two most cumbersome willow wigwams too for growing our Sweet Peas up in the garden. The would not fit on the bus that drives you back to the car park area at the Yorkshire showground.I got them stuck in the bus aisle.

The photo shows this lovely flamed Pieris. This was growing in the garden when we moved in nearly a year ago. It has grown beautifully and has masses of the red flamed leaves around the top of the plant.

It looks like an erupting volcano.Sunlight illuminates the red leaves like a stained glass window.

The birds are flying into the garden to investigate the new willow wigwams. They have sprouting growth all over them. I hope they do start growing.

I am going to the allotment today laden down with boxes and bags. The last area needs digging over and being marked out. I want to sow some Carrots today too and plant the Runner Beans around my A frame up at the allotment. The runner beans are grown from my own seed, grown in Yorshire Clay at my first allotment.I sowed the seeds in the greenhouse.They are looking lovely with lots of root growth beneath sail like leaves.

I will do a Spring Flower Show post once i have sorted out the photos.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2011

Its the fourteenth of April today, the first day of the NEHS Spring Flower Show at the Yorkshire showground in Harrogate.

It is the one hundredth anniversary of the North England Horticultural Society.

The show this year has show gardens influenced by Prince Charles garden at Highgrove.

There will be cookery theatres, gardening with nature to encourage wildlife, Nursery displays reflecting the theme 100 years old in the Floral halls, Kitchen Garden theatre, Floral Art,Cookery theatre, Floral Art, a Photography competition, food marquee, and lots of Crafts, gifts, and sundries stalls along the avenues. I look forward to seeing the Bourbon City Jazz players near the entrance playing like its Mardi Gras!

I hope it will stay dry for most of the day. I look forward to the Spring flower show to clear the dust off my camera. It is an explosion of colours and sights, to invigorate the soul after a long hard winter.

It is garden inspiration to get you back into your own garden. I'm sure I will come back with some plants.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cherry Blossom

I spent the day yesterday helping Fran Spring Clean a friends garden.It was just in need of some tender loving care.We weeded the borders, paths, and secret garden at the far end sheltered by conifer trees beyond a Clematis covered arch.

We planted some Narcissus, Lupins, Dahlias, Peacock Orchids, Asiatic Lilys, and four multicoloured Hebes.

The garden was double the size of ours. What I loved was there were six full size trees at the back of the garden. Two were growing through a former aviary. There was farmers fields at the back of the garden (alas the famous Goats and Donkey were not in residence in the field). The birds were singing as we spent the afternoon gardening with lots of coffee breaks.

In the centre of the lawn was this beautiful Cherry Blossom tree.The pink or white blooms explode around the end of March and start of April giving a spectacular floral show for a few weeks.

They are beautiful Trees and it shows you the light days are getting longer, and the temperature is rising slowly.

I know in Japan they usually celebrate with picnics and party's in Public spaces beneath the beautiful cherry scented blooms. After they finish flowering it rains down like confetti.

I thought that this year they would not be in a party mood after the recent disaster. I read today that it is still going on:

The Cherry Blossom can still heal the soul. I wish our garden was bigger so we could have one in our garden. I would look forward to it flowering every year, and celebrate its blooms.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Japanese Yellow Rose

One of the most beautiful plants in the garden at the moment is this Kerria Japonica. It has these yellow cheerleader Pom pom flowers.

It is also called rather sweetly the Japanese Yellow Rose, as it is in the Rose family.

I took this photo of the Kerria, looking down the long stems. They started off bare and green, and miraculously developed leaves and flowers. This could do with being planted in the ground instead of in a pot.

The yellow flowers always make me smile. They are middle to late Spring Time flowers.

The flowers on mine look like a cascade rolling down into an emerald green pool.

I have been added to the Dobbies British Blogs written on their blog. The link is :

Today I will sow some flower seeds, and Sunflowers. I'm making the neighbours pots up for the Big Bulb Plant scheme. They will have a beautifully planted pot outside their front doors to enjoy the Asiatic Lily's.

I'm on a gardening mission this afternoon with Fran. I will take my Camera to record some of the mission..

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yellow n Green

This sumptuous Tulip has flowered over the past few days. I cannot remember the name of the variety. I buy multiple plants and bulbs across time. The names get lost and slowly I forget them. This is a mixture of green and yellow.
It contrasts to the emerald green Aquilegia below, and the Black leaved Sambucas above. The sun was shining when i took the photo.

I went to the allotment this morning and did more digging, and built a wigwam for my Runner Beans.

It was more grey today and rained a little. I enjoyed the solitude and peace of the allotment.

Later I went shopping for a new garden fork. I broke mine digging up a 20 kilo stone post from the plot. It is sat proudly now by the shed as a feature. The post has mostly rotted away.

I bought a book of Herbs, and a guide to keeping Bee's. I think books can be instructive when nobody you know can teach you.

I have planted three large pots of Asiatic Lily's and placed them by the front door on either side of the steps. They will provide a shot of colour hopefully by the Fifth of June.

A little later I will take Cat into the night garden to look for Newts by Torchlight. I am tired after my three days of allotment digging.

Tomorrow is the garden mission with Fran.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Guess Who Plant?

This mysterious plant caught my eye yesterday as I walked along the farmers fields to the allotment. It was growing by a stone wall that was at the top of some long uncut grass, a farmers field. There is a row of these leafless plants growing just by the wall that seperates the field from the path.

I wandered if they were Orchids growing from an underground root?

It almost looks like white flowers on a brown body? Does anyone know what it is?

I love a good mystery, and an unknown plant always gets me thinking.

Perfect Weekend

It has been a lovely Weekend off from work. I have done some gardening, and gone to the allotment the past few days. The sun has been shining and i have been enjoying toiling in the warm rays. The birds are singing from dawn until dusk with their lusty voices. I found a second Double Flowered Daffodil growing in the pot right besides the backdoor. I love the Daffodils swaying in the April breeze, their yellow faces contrasting against the blue sky above. The garden is still a work in progress. The concrete step and concrete base have nearly set now. We can remove the wood on Monday from them both. The water butts can be properly positioned, and the greenhouse moved up the garden. The bags of soil (from the bases excavation) and compost from our bin need moving and using. There are seeds to sow, and summer bulbs to plant. The grass has started growing so it needs its first cut of the year. I love the smell of freshly cut grass. Childhood memories.. This was the allotment at about 2pm. I had marked out and dug over the beds for the Brassicas and Swede. I started to clear the last section between the other shed and the green compost bag. The greenhouse in my garden is growing healthy Vegetable plants ready for planting in the freshly marked/dug out plot beds. All the Vegetables this year will have been grown from seed packets. I have deliberately made lots of paths around the beds so you can weed from any side. Good access will make plot maintenence easier. The beds raised soil will stay fluffy, and does not get crushed or compacted. At the end of the growing season all the beds will be rubbed out and the plot returned to how it was before. Like an Etch a sketch. Each year will see a new arrangement of beds. When it is planted up it will look a patchwork quilt of Vegetable plants and Companion planted flowers.
This cheeky juvenile Squirrel entertained me running between the feeders in the garden this morning after I woke up. He climbed up the fence and jumped into the neighbours hanging basket (to the right of the fence). All I could see was his mischievous face peering out at me. He was running down the fence when i took this. The Squirrel is partial to Fat ball, Peanuts, Bird seed, and Sunflower hearts. He looked longingly at all the feeders. What to eat? Decisions, decisions.

I'm off work this week so it will be a busy gardening week. I will go to the plot tomorrow then shopping for a new gardening Fork and some pond plants from Hampsons, helping Fran on Tuesday with a garden mission. Wednesday should be allotment day, and on Thursday we are going to the Harrogate Spring Flower Show. A busy blog week ahead.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fragrant Floral Mystery

The photo is of a mystery shrub that was growing in the garden when we moved here. I potted it in a Grecian urn but replanted it this year. It has glossy leaves and these white flowers that smell quite sweet. It is sat between the Sage, Catnip six hills Giant, and the Camellia.
It has these packed flower buds in the centre of the leaves rosettes. I think it was happy to escape from the pot and get its roots down into the soil.

The Greenhouse is full of new growth today. The Chilli's are finally germinating, as well as the Tomato Outdoor girl. The Borage has germinated and started to grow.

In the cold frame the Parsley finally has germinated. All four pots now have Herbs growing in them. Parsley, Chives, Basil, and Coriander.

I went to the allotment today and finally planted my Potatoes! Rocket first early, and Maris Piper Main crop. I planted a bed of Garlic, and lastly a bed of White Onions. I also marked out the Sweetcorn bed ready for manuring next week.

When I got back to the house the Greenhouses new concrete base has been finished. We have to wait until Monday to be able to put things on it. The paths top step has also been done, making a level step for our two water butts to run off the shed.

Things are gathering pace on both the plot, and in the garden. Back to work tomorrow.I will be gardening again over the weekend.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April Sunshine

I was finally off work today and able to get outside into the garden. We have decided to get a builder to lay down a concrete base, near the shed for the greenhouse to be moved to. When the plastic covered greenhouse has been finished with, I will buy a glass one to sit on the concrete base. I love how the colours of flowers can compliment like the Yellow Daffodil, and the Orange Tulip. Colours can be similar or contrasting. As plants grow they seem to draw the eye to them in certain combinations. I like the colours of these two together.Like a pair of professional dancers together at Blackpool. The sun was shining today and the sunlight illuminated the Tulips like Chinese Lanterns. These looked like the ones from the Disney film Entangled. I can imagine these floating up, up, and away. The late planted Tulips have grown on really well so some of those may flower too this year. I want my Queen Of The Night Tulips to flower. Fingers crossed! Growing on in a rectangular planter on the path is this Double flowered Daffodil. It is unique as all the others in the garden are single flowered. At the Autumn Flower Show I will try to look for double flowering Daffodils as they are very pretty. This one is gorgeous to look at.
This was the garden in the top corner at the end of today. We had to move the pots from the side of the shed, and move the full compost bin across the garden onto the path to join the first one. It was full of black gold (Compost), and funnily even some small potatoes that had sprouted from the Potatoes in there. The material near the top that was not composted down got moved into the left hand bin. The stuff that was nearly composted went into the right hand bin.

We are having a concrete step built as well on our path to be able to sit two water butts snugly to collect water from the sheds down pipe which currently just runs into the ground.

I have about five bags of compost fresh from the bin. This needs putting onto the sunken border or into pots. I'm planning on digging a border that runs along the pathway to be able to plant lots of Asiatic Lily's.

I wanted a watering can for the greenhouse, so I bought the Asda children's red watering can with a Ladybird on the side of it. It works though.

I bought a Frog weather station too, basically a Frog holding a thermometer, and a glass tube to measure rainfall. I would love to keep a gardening diary to refer back to. Dates I sowed seeds, dates the flowers bloomed, and so on. I can start recording temperature and rainfall. I had a surprise visitor in the pond today. The planting around the pond has been altered to accommodate the greenhouse base. I had to move a Teasel and a Echinacea. I looked under the water and saw a flash of movement. It looked like a baby lizard..

It dived from the Norfolk reeds roots to the bottom of the pond. He stayed very still and you could barely see his outlined form. It was a Newt and im so proud that we have attracted one to our little pond! I do not know which kind though.

The reflections of the sky, and overhanging flowers. The ripples that move across the still water. I like looking to see if i can see any beasties floating around the water, or walking across the top. It is good therapy after the stresses of a working week to relax by the pond.

We have put the bench now between the Pond and the Strawberries raised bed. You can sit and watch the flowers in the border, the birds on the feeders, or the still waters of the pond.

Tomorrow I will be sowing seeds, planting Lilys in Pots, digging the path border once the concrete base is laid down. I will goto the allotment to plant Potatoes,Onions, and Garlic . We will collect some free manure tomorrow from a local stables.

I have baked some Double Chocolate Chip Muffins this evening. Time to eat one, drink coffee and relax on the garden bench.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Tulip And A Surprise

This was the first Tulip of the year to flower in my garden. It is beautifully flamed in orange and yellow stripes. It was growing in the sunken border between the balustrades.

They are available in so many colours and shapes.I'm old fashioned and like Tulips that have the classical bowl shape.

I have been seduced by the Frilly Parrot Tulips though on occasions.

I have planted late Tulips but I do not know if they will flower in my barrel planters this year.

Cat has ordered 150 Plug plants from a Magazine. They will arrive at the end of April i think. They will go into the Barrel planters if the late Tulips are not growing well.

It has been so overcast today and threatened heavy rain.I had a lovely surprise when I came back from work.

A large brown box was sat in the living room. I looked at the label. I was addressed to "David Hamilton".

I thought I have not ordered anything that bulky.I made a coffee and unwrapped the box..

It is 250 Bulbs from the Big Bulb Plant group, with the Eden Project. After blogging about it I registered my email address. I have been one of fifty winners sent free bulbs for planting..

They will need planting very soon in able for them to flower the big lunch in June.The box is packed full of five bags of Asiatic Lily's from Holland.

Now I need somewhere communal to plant them. Originally I thought of planting some pots up for my neighbours on either side. I may have to dream bigger now.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

First Flush

Today was my one day off in between four long days at the hospital. We went shopping for a memory card for the new camera. I bought canes and twine to help me mark out the allotment beds on Wednesday ready for planting. I bought a six pack of Fuchsia plug plants and flower seeds for sowing. After we had bought four bags of compost from Hampsons we returned home. The gardens grow bag Potatoes were planted at last. Charlotte, and Pink Fir Apple. I repotted the Fuchsias and watered the greenhouse seedlings. I planted some Gladiolus bulbs, and some Abyssinian Gladiolous. Then the rain started to fall so I came back indoors. On Friday the Camellia finally flowered. It was flowerless last year so I'm happy that it has bloomed. It only has three flower buds on it. These are pretty plants with nice glossy leaves and this sumptuous pink flower. I want a white flowered Camellia to grow alongside this one. I'm pleased it has flowered at last. I hope that year on year it gets bigger and has more flowers. Gardeners World talked about Camellias on the day that mine flowered for the first time.The weekend has been productive with seeds bought, bulbs planted, and greenhouse watered. The weather is forecast to be wet until Wednesday.I hope to be productive on Wednesday and Thursday.