Sunday, July 08, 2007

Perennial Borders

The borders near a potting shed where last time Towering Delphiniums, and Lupins grew in rainbow shades. The Delphiniums were too delicate for the heavy rainfall, and were splattered.I got a seed pod from one of the White Delphiniums.Fingers crossed.
There were Corn Marigolds, Field poppies (seen above), and a red poppy with Icing sugar dusted on it. Foxgloves, Salvias, Verbena Bonarensis, and more I cant name.
The bees and insects were happily pollinating plant to plant.They will get their own post the Butterflies, Bee's, and Insects I photographed. I must be a bee whisperer because i got close to them many times and not been attacked.I even found them in flowers as I examined the flowers closer.


Whyite said...

Beautiful I really like that garden path!

David (Snappy) said...

Curtis It is suprisingly well kept the borders on both sides overhang but dont block it.The Garden has good paths for wheelchairs and pushchairs I think.
I never noticed the block paving colours untill your comment.Thanks!