Saturday, September 28, 2013

Anne's Rose

 Its been a long time since I posted last on the blog. It has been a busy month of work, a sad goodbye to a gardening friend, and a few days in Northumberland. The garden has been left to grow on its own. This beautiful Lilac Rose smells of Old Roses. Like a scented soap in a flower. I call it Anne's Rose.It needs a bigger pot to grow in for next year. It flowers one Rose at a time..
 The Nemesia Vanilla Scent were dead headed and cut back. they have rewarded me with a fresh second bloom of flowers. These smell divine too. I will get more of these plug plants for next year.
  Some of the plug plant Foxglove Dalmation series are flowering in the sunken border. These have taken a long time to get going, but look beautiful.
The Last photo shows the Geum Mrs Bradshaw flowering, but going over slightly. I need to tidy the garden up, and dead head a few plants. Its the time of the year to start planting Spring Bulbs. I need to clear all the Lily Barrels and get new soil to take the bulbs.
 I went to the allotment today and surveyed the plot. It has been a bad year for maintaining it. The whole plot needs clearing between the raised beds, and the raised beds digging over. I have the Autumn and Winter to try and perfect the plot.
 As the wind blew through the grasses, and the sun shone I realised I actually enjoyed being up there. Hands in the soil, and listening to the birds, and buzzing insects. I need to allotment plot clever for when im working lots.
  I will blog some pictures of Northumberland which was an amazing place to visit and stay for a few days. The Holy Island rested my weary soul.
 Hopefully this will be translated into more blog posts, and photos. I'm back.