Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lilac Flowers (At Last)

I saw these Lilac tree flower buds yesterday. I have waited over a year, so i was excited. Last year there were all leaves, but no flowers!
I cannot wait to see the Tree flowering.It is in a giant pot, waiting to be moved.
One day I will plant it, and see it flower for many years to come.
The weather is strange fluctauting between sunshine, to cold wind, to rain, and just now hailstones.
We dug the new houses border yesterday, but it has been too cold and wet to plant the new plants we bought.
I am working the next three days so it may not be untill next week. I am off to buy a new walk in greenhouse soon. The Chillis, Tomatos, Pansys, Snapdragons, and Busy Lizzies are waiting to move into the greenhouse, once I have put it together..

Friday, March 27, 2009

March Colours

The sun is shining today and I have been outside taking a few photos. The brightest colours in the garden belong to the Hyacinths...Electric Blue,

and Hot Pink...

I am going to Hampsons soon with Cat to buy some compost, tools, and maybe some plants for her new border...
I have some Geranium Splish Splash, and three Dahlias to plant in that border. I hope the rain holds off for us.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SpringTime And Mice

How do i know Spring is here? The Daffodils are out everywhere in gardens and along side grass verges and besides stone walls.
The nodding yellow heads are a wander of British spring..
I went with Hils today to Swillington to visit the nursery. I bought masses of plug plants to grow on ready to plant the garden and the hanging baskets.
I enjoyed making about twenty hanging baskets last year from plants I had grown on from babys..
The sun was out occasionally today. All the Trees have started to grow leaves from swollen buds.
The garden has Chionodoxa, Hyacinths, Anemones, and Kerria in flower. I trimmed the Hydrangeas dead growth from last year.
The recent sunny days have inspired an explosion of growth in the Daffodils and Tulips in the garden. Flower buds have been lifted up now between the green leaves.
I potted up 146 plants this evening whilst listening to Music for Tired Gardeners. I was enjoying myself more than being tired.
Geraniums, Busy Lizzies, Fuschias, Million Bells, Petunias, and Mimulus. I also bought a Viola Labradorica which will have blue flowers and dark green foliage, and a new plant called Hieracium Maculatum Leopard which has blue/green leaves flecked with purple that grows yellow daisy like flowers...
I had to clean the outhouse to sort out my pots ready for growing on my plants.That took me a few hours. I found my green bag from Cheltenham had been used by a mouse to make a nest.
The seed envelopes and carrier bags inside had been shredded and turned into bedding. It would have been dry, warm, and protected from intruders. The mouse must have gone through a pipe hole somewhere in the out house.
All the plants are now chilling in their new pots, in the Cold Frame, or Growhouse. Spring is finally here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Star Flowers

Some Chionadoxas in flower at Cats new house.These are like little stars. The flowers grow wrapped up in a green stem before pushing out and unfurling into these stars.
I have been working the weekend and have not done much gardening or allotment.
Back to work tomorrow before I can garden and take new photos...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The Hyacinths have started to from their flower spikes now in the garden. Blue and oranges growing between the strappy leaves.
I'm helping Cat move today...more posts soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patricks Day

A Rhodadendron Shamrock opening its flower buds today. I cant wait to see this one flower with its lime green flowers.
I have woken up after sleeping most of yesterday following my nights.
The garden seems to have grown when I have been working with bigger leaves, and more buds bursting into leaf.
I bought a copy of Gardeners World magazine from a local supermarket. I did not realise there were two covers available.
One with Chilli and Tomato seeds, and another with Sunflower seeds..
They were having the debate what do you like to grow the most Vegetables or Flowers? I know that the sales of Vegetable seeds outsold flowers for the first time last year.
This grow your own culture stems from celebrity chefs, economics, and garden programmes saying how much better eating your own vegetables is...
Carol Klein sagely writes is there were no flowers there would be no vegetables. You need the Bee's to pollinate your crops. If you have lots of flowers then they will come..
I'm on the fence on this one. I love growing flowers, and Vegetables equally. I love Sunflowers, and Roses, but also Tomato plants and Chilli plants. My garden will always have both types growing in them.
Its poetic that the Rhodie Shamrock (the Shamrock is a traditional symbol of the Irish, a three leaved Clover) is starting to open its flower buds on Saint Patricks Day.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dawn Chorus

A quick post before I go to work again. As I walked back this morning down the long alleyway all the birds were in full song.
It was windy but mild, and all the trees are showing signs of swelling buds or new leaves.
The lighter morning brings out the birds best voices, an Avian choir!
The photo is of my resident Garden Robin.I hope he has flown in to the bird table for a snack whilst I slept.
more posts soon...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Natures Art

Some Crocuses growing outside Cats mums house. They are bigger than my little Crocus.There were white ones with the most deep orange stamen and pollen..

Natures own art is above. The pale lilac coloured veins in the white petals. The orange centre looks glowing and fluffy like an easter chick.
I have spent some of the day planting seeds in seed trays and pots. Chilli's, Tomatos, Squashes, Pumpkin, Courgettes, Broccoli Garnet, and Cauliflower.
The growing season must be here. I repaired my growhouse with sellotape, as it has ripped over the winter. It is full of seed trays and pots. The upstairs bedroom has also been taken over by flower seed trays and tomatos.
I'm back on nights from tonight, so I will have to admire the garden early in the mornings before bed.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Colour Wheels And Mice

The Crocuses actually opened today. Amazon the field mouse has chewed a fair few of them, but these three were untouched and unscathed. The brilliant gold and brown colours are luminescent in the gloomy day. I am so pleased they flowered at least once for me, after last years collapsing flowers.

I planted a pot yesterday with California Poppies and Cornflowers. I saw this colour combination today with the Crocus contrasting to the Blue Primula with the yellow eye. The two colours are nearly on the opposite side of the colour wheel.
I will buy more Crocus for the new garden as they are the first flowering Spring bulb in the garden.
My question is why mice love Crocuses so much.I have just read one Gardener trapped sixty mice in a growing season who were after his crocus!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Green Sleeves And Leaves

The Alchelimia Molis regrowing with a raindrop caught in the middle of the new leaf.
I have been planting Alium bulbs, sowing seeds for Busy Lizzies, Pansies, and Snapdragons.
The patio by the kitchen door is covered by pots with Eryngiums, Calla, Roses, Honeysuckle from Cats garden, Garlic bulbs, a tree Peony...
Spring must be in the air. I tied the Raspberry canes to the mesh behind the plant.I also trimmed the Butterfly Bush to make it look neater.
All these little jobs help me reacquaint myself with the garden, getting dirt under my fingernails and on my hands.
I listened to music for tired gardeners, a collection of classical music inspired by gardens or by rural scenes.
My favourite at the moment is by the English composer Vaughn Williams Fantasia On Greensleeves.
The flowers, birds, bee's, and gardens have inspired composers over the ages. It was nice listening to it as I did the small garden jobs.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Wiche Hazel

A present to myself was this Witch Hazel, bought from Hampsons for ten pounds. I have wanted one for years after seeing them here and in Paris.
The Witch Hazel's flowers, fruit, and next years leaf buds all grow on the same part of the branch. The botanical name Hamamalis means "together with fruit". The wanderful yellow flowers give off a citrus like scent which is lovely to smell in the cold mornings.
The Flowers have the look of peeled oranges and lemons, with the fragrance to match

They are always sold like this in flower, so I can look forward to seeing the leaves appear then change in the autumn to fiery colours before they drop, and start the regrowth all over again.
I have been sat in the kitchen today watching the garden being blown around by some strong winds.
The spring bulbs seem to have had a growth spurt and the green strap leaves are all over the borders, and in the planter boxes. Masses of green spears thrusting up from the soil.
Buds are swelling on the Roses, Sambuca, and the Lilac Tree buds are unfurling. Even the Apple tree has some new growth from the bare stems.
Since I tidied up a few days ago there is not much to do in the garden except watch it grow, and wait for the spring flowers to come.
The Witch Hazel has dropped all of the yellow flowers now, so the leaves will come soon. I think they are magical tree's. Wiche was old english for pliant or bendable, and hazel as they were used for divining rods. I can see the witches using the twigs to divine water and ley lines.
The flowers look like magic as they drip from the dark branches..

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Jews Mallow Sunday

One of my new plants this year is the gorgeous Kerria Japonica. Also called Jews Mallow or just Kerria. The bright double yellow flowers and light green oval leaves can illuminate the shadiest north facing wall or dark corner.
When I saw these before in a council display I did not know the name of it. I had the most comments about what is was, in all of Snappys Gardens blog posts.
This was known through the UK, North America, and Europe.
This plant will be moving with me in June. I will take a lot of the garden plants with me.
Each one has a story or a reason why I like them. Either the colour of the flower, or the scent of the pollen, or the shape of the plants.
I know people move houses, but do they always try to take their favourite plants with them to the new house?
The Kerria will defintely make the trip, along with the Rose Lady Emma Hamilton.

Saturday, March 07, 2009


The Anemone in flower today.I was tidying up today in the garden, and planting some bulbs.
Two white Lilys, one Stargazer Lily, three Eryngiums, and one Zantedeschia...
The birds were flying in to see what I was doing.I repotted the Kerria Japonica.
Things are growing nicely in the garden.I'm back at work tomorrow but will do a post about the music for tired gardeners....
I love this delicate flowering unfolding, it was a little cool for it to fully open.
The Anemone likes sunny days to open its flower..

Friday, March 06, 2009

March Sun

The Daffodils in flower illuminated by the sunlight this morning. I must have felt spring in the air as I have spent all morning tidying the garden.
Clearing winter casualties from their pots, trimming the Fuschias that might regrow. I swept up all the leaves and twigs from around the garden.
I have reorganised the pots, then took a few photos.
I saw new birds today high up in the tree's, and heard some new arrivals singing.
You can get used to the particular melody of your native garden birds. When new comers arrive you detect the new song!
I got a mixture of gardening and cooking things for my birthday. Seeds, a music CD called music for tired gardeners, Chilli Seeds and Tumbling Toms in pouches...
When the sun is shining and the sky is blue it is a pleasure to be outside doing little gardening jobs.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Its my birthday today.Happy birthday to me.I went plant shopping last week and bought three bunches of Daffodils from Hampsons.These started to flower almost as soon as they went into Cats Vase.
I bought myself a Witch hazel for ten pounds after dreaming about one for ages.
My garden Daffodils are still green stems only, with the flowers a few weeks away.
Wordworth loved Daffodils, and many blogs use his poem about them waving in the wind.There is something about the cheerfull yellow faces and green strap leaves heralding the start of Springtime in the UK.
I remember all the grass verges around Cheltenham being planted with tens of thousands of Daffodils.They always look spectacular flowering and waving en masse.
I spent yesterday helping Cat move out of her house.Aching limbs today from moving boxes and bags.The Dafffodils need to be moved today.I will photograph them today.