Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Xmas 2011

I have enjoyed this Christmas.A mixture of presents,television,and eating well.The build up always makes you enjoy it more,but it passes too quickly!I have been out in the garden today tidying the greenhouse out.I removed the dying back Tomato plants and chucked out rubbish.I re potted my Climbing Fuchsia from Cromer,and replaced all the shelving ready for spring flower and vegetable seed trays.I got a White Indoor Rose plant from Mum.Cat bought me this Elvis Teddy bear with peacock embroidered jump suit with gold edging, and a microphone.He will decorate the sidebar next year.
I bought an Oyster Mushroom growing kit.I read the wrong instructions (there were two different types on the back too),and then took the bag off.I have now replaced the bag back on my Mushroom kit.It was sat next to the Elvis bear.The first pins are already growing up through the straw.I cannot wait to photograph my Oyster Mushrooms but also cook them.
The garden winter clean up will take place in stages after my night shifts.I need to get to the Allotment too to start clearing the beds ready for next years growing season.
Xmas is a good time to relax and remember what went well and what did not.I have found my two tins of Seeds ready for my inspection.Im thinking about next years growing season already.
I hope you all had very merry Christmases.The New Year is only five days away..

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Xmas Eve

Its Christmas Eve and I am excited about tomorrow.We have had our Christmas dinner early as it was the only night we both have off.We ate roast Turkey and all the trimmings.Cats Mum made a Scottish Clootie dumpling.These flowers are decorating the front room to brighten up the dark nights.I bought this Swedish Angel Chime in Scotland,in a Highland Xmas shop.When you light the candles the angels turn,and the metal rods hit the bells.I lit the candles this afternoon and watched it turn around.
I hope that every one has a wonderful Xmas Day tomorrow.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wild Friends

There are only three nights until Christmas Day.I cannot wait..the longer nights and colder days have drawn the local wildlife back into the garden.Watching and photographing them is quite therapeutic.I love the Robin.He is very cute,but extremely territorial.I have seen two in the garden but luckily on opposite sides of the garden.For me the Robin is always symbolic of Xmas.The furry raider that is the Squirrel has been in the garden.I watched as he nicked the peanuts I just put out.He grabbed them then tried burying them in our long grass!He is a natural born acrobat and peanut pirate!His tail is like some mad flag waving and quivering.The Blackbirds have made a welcome return to our garden.I love their songs,and their chattering alarm calls if you disturb them in the garden.These are probably Russian migrants who fly here for the winter.Olaf we called him last year.The Goldfinches are back with their beautiful colours,and amazing aerial acrobatics.I love how they can fly at each other in aggressive displays but not actually touch each other.They repel each other by invading their personal space.Their songs are quite sweet,and you can tell if they are hanging around in the trees before you see them.The local House Sparrows continue to amuse me as they line up on the fence.Waiting for the chance to fly down for some sunflower hearts or fat balls.They are gregarious,very noisy,and quite fun to watch.They have had lots of juvenile Sparrows this year,so they benefit from the all year round food supply.The Collared Doves are in the garden almost every day eating the seed in the tray feeders,and drinking from the bird bath.
For a bird that came from the Balkans it is very well adapted.It looks like it has a dog collar around its neck.They coo coo quite a lot on the fence and on the neighbours roofs watching the garden from high above.
The garden has about eight hours of daylight and it is noticeably more frenetic with the wildlife feeding.Its good to see all the winged friends come back for the Winter.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Xmas Spirit

There is only a week until Xmas.The tree is up,the decorations are hung up,and the presents have been bought and wrapped up underneath.I had to order this Harrods bear to sit on the fireplace.We were not able to get to London.The bear has become an Xmas tradition.

Certain plants have been associated with Christmas like Fir Trees,Wreaths,Holly with red Berry's, and Mistletoe.Asda have been selling the Poinsettias with their red and green.These are the colours of Christmas.We have the wreath on the front door,and the decorated Xmas Tree.
I have been baking and cooking when the weather has been cold.Butterfly Buns,Millionaires shortbread,and choc chip n pecan cookies.Comfort food is good,along with good gardening books or magazines.The short days mean the end of the year and reflections.
The new year will see the decking ripped out,and a new conservatory put up.The garden will be revamped.The sunken border will be even deeper than it is now.I have to decide to which plants to save.They will be dug up and potted up for saving.
I ordered a Mushroom growing kit from Suttons which is now sat on the dining room table.I hope it grows some edible mushrooms for me to cook with.
The new year means new resolutions,and plans.I need to dig over the allotment and plan next years growing season.I want to try more plants in the garden,and to continue to attract wildlife.
I love Xmas as much as gardening.

Friday, December 16, 2011


My baby sister Jawsy and her partner Scott have had a baby boy called Marshall Rex Cullen on Friday the 16th of December in Auckland, New Zealand.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pansys And New Years Plans

There are only twelve days until Xmas.The weather outside has turned decidedly wintry, with rain and freezing cold winds.The bleak days have finished off most of the late flowering plants.These Pansy's are due to go into the hanging baskets for Winter colour.These delicate flowers are as tough as old nails.Freezing temperatures and torrential downpours has not dampened their flowering spirit.The cold weather has meant I have been indoors lots cooking and baking.The garden looks green but without much vibrant colour.The decking will be removed in January when we have a new Conservatory built.I will be able to move the dining room table outside closer to the birds.The sunken border will probably be replanted after all the building work has finished.We will have an outdoor plug too for putting more lights outside.
I have had emails about garden projects for next years Olympic Games.Green fingered community leaders will be celebrating the games for local communities.2012 will be a great gardening year.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Waterford Colours

When it is December the gardens flowers have mostly died away.Any colour you can find helps you through the gloomy dark days.In Scotland I bought a lovely waterford crystal vase and have bought some flowers to illuminate the front room.The most brightly coloured Peruvian Lilys with pink,white,and yellow spashes of colour.The light illuminates them.

To accompany the Peruvian Lilys I bought some White Carnations.These smell faintly of cloves and contrast to the Pinks,and reds of the Alstromeria.
Cut flowers can give you winter colour.The wind is blowing outside today.The Mole has been back digging in his favourite holes along the path.
I still have two nights to go before I can get back to gardening.The Xmas Tree will be put up on Monday after a sleep.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Foxglove Friday

Its the second of December already.Only twenty three days to go until Xmas!
Amazingly the Foxglove has put on an extra show of its purple spotty flowers.The Autumn has been quite mild, and the usual freezing temperatures have not arrived yet.
There is little other colour in the garden in December.It is mottled greens and drying seedheads.
I'm back on nights again.The garden looks green and lush after lots of rainfall.
The birds are coming back slowly to feed.