Sunday, July 08, 2007

Photos from the Scented garden 2

The Biblical named Rose Of Sharon, AKA Hypericum Calycinum.This was growing in the hedge as we were leaving the scented Garden. The flowers, and multicoloured seed pods are great colours. Primary colours I though of.
A delicate rose that has opened after all the rain. They had taken a battering judging by the petals strewn all over the soil around the plants. I love roses, their flowers, leaves, and the scent. Pleasure would be a rose garden to walk up and down sniffing the variety of blooms.I do like the roses I have seen here already mentioned. David Austin here I come..

A Daylily in lemon yellow.Maybe it was Beloved Returns.Im not sure.I can see the attractiveness of collecting these.They are like little works of art, the different colouration and pigmentation.I think there are a few scented ones that they have planted here. Labels get lost or removed, or overgrown with plants!

The Nemesia Wisley Vanilla.It smelt lovely.Like breaking a fresh vanilla pod into boiling milk to start making custard.It was a delicate, sweet fragrance though.
A lillium with white curved petals speckled with burgundy splashes. It reminds me of the Lillium Ponponium I photographed last time in the Alpine house (the chinese lantern flower).This was growing in front of the willow arch seating area.To smell it you need to approach underneath it..As well as to photograph it.I was half lying down under it :)

Yellow flowered Star Jasmine. Like my white flowered one at the flat.It was not as strongly scented as the white one, but the flowers stand against the green of the leaves.

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