Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Hot end of the main border

The corner bed of the main borders with some gorgeous Hemerocallis, of an unknown variety.It was a large clump though, ready to bed divided.The yellow flowers look like an evening primrose with the soft yellow petals, and red flower buds. The yellow flowered Achilemia Vulgaris was under planted below the reds and yellows.The colours were vibrant on a cloudy day and positively glowed.


Philosophical Karen said...

I love what overcast light does for flowers -- well, maybe that's the avid photographer in me talking, since the photos are so much better than in the bright sunshine. However, I understand Britain has had a lot of rain this summer, so I expect you're pining for sunny skies.

David (Snappy) said...

Karen,It has made these flowers shine in the cloudy day.It has been the wettest June for years.It has not been bad however since we went to Harlow Carr on friday.I photographed a lot of Daylilys!