Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Secret Garden

This next section was further down from the Scented garden.Trees were planted in carefully clipped grass.From the Perennial border a not well trodden swathe was worn in long grass.We stepped over the grass to see where it led to.
A path had been thickly layered with black Mulch and snaked its way through meadow type grass between tree's.The photos are of unknown Meadow flowers in shades of purple, pink, peach, white, and yellow. The sweet pea looking ones did smell too.
The Path meandered to a bench set amongst tree's ans shrubs. A Philedelphus Virginia flowered, next to Honeysuckle, scented shrub with white flowers, A tree with blue berrys, some Hemerocallis, and Bright Asiatic lillys....
This I think was the Garden Border of the East side,tall Trees, with Shrubs underplanted, and bordered by cut grass, leading to the Harlow Carr woods.
I will post a few photos of the Mystery flowers and some of the things growing along the Eastern Edge.

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