Monday, July 23, 2007

Tatton Park 2007

The Sun was actually shining yesterday as we went around the 2007 RHS flowers show at Tatton Park.
There are 1000 acres of parkland for the deer alone, so we were somewhere in the estate.
It had the largest floral Marquee where eighty or so nurserys and plant growers displayed their wares artistically.
Some of the most gorgeous vegetables were on display, amongst the flowers, plants, grasses, cactus, and orchids to name a few.
The flower show had three seperate garden competitions which I looked around.
Fifteen large Show gardens, arranged in a circle in the middle of the show ground. 19 flower bedding displays by councils and community groups, and 33 back to back gardens in a variety of styles and inspiration. There were also thirteen show features where the exhibits were open to designers.
I left the four little birds (Hils, Fran, Angela, and Julia) for a number of times to try and photograph and look at all 78 garden displays.By the end my legs had done some walking and I have 270 photos from yesterday.
There were shops and stalls set up selling everything related to gardening, or country living.It is a show boast to try and leave empty handed!
Surround me with tens of thousands of plants and flowers and I soon gave in and bought some plants and seeds.
The girls bought jewelry, floral girly wellington boots (more about the mud later), show Hats, plants, sausages, floral watercolour cards, etc.
Country life magasine had a pavillion set up with numerous stalls selling inside it.I did not see inside the tent.
Gardening is a great denominator, so people from all classes were there yesterday to admire the beautiful displays, flowers, and designs.
I cannot blog all 78 gardens, so I will show some of my favourites.The RHS website has pictures of all the entrys in the gardens competition.


Anonymous said...

Oh such a nice day you had.
I cannot wait for our little local "garden tour" next month

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Becky, hope you blog your little garden tour next month :)