Thursday, July 26, 2007

Edible Works of Art

I had to Blog W.Robinson and Son seeds and plants. In the Floral Marquee they were the only ones selling vegetables.
Their display was outstanding. The freshly grown veg was immaculately displayed, polished, and selected.
I bought two lots of Chilli seeds, Jalapeno and Friars Hat. This deserved its own post.
They are art work like the display vegetables :)


lisa said...

You're not kidding! Very creative display!

David (Snappy) said...

Very creative and colourful.I will try growing some of their veg in my garden when i get one :)

Bob said...

Hi Snappy, I know it's only just over a week ago but really I can't remember what day the wife went to Tatton, I'm tempted to say Wednesday but I'm not sure. I'm getting old you see! She enjoyed it anyway although she said for the money she prefered Chelsea flower show. Its a shame about not being able to get an allotment, I've heard they are in great demand these days, I think the councils should take note of this and provide more ground, especially as the government is supposed to be encouraging healthy eating and exercise. If you were ever stuck for work experience for your course and didn't mind travelling I could maybe ask my boss if he would allow you to do some work in the garden here, It would have to be on a voluntary basis though I’m afraid and I can’t say for sure that they would agree, but as I say I don’t mind asking if you were stuck and it helps you. Bob.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi UK Bob, I did not go to Chelsea so I cant say which is better.I think the tickets were £22 each for non RHS members.My friend bought us discounted ones..
The councils sold off a lot of allotment land before the renaissance in growing fresh fruit, herbs, and veg.The waiting list is a farce, as i can see deserted plots when I walk past them.
I can apply to a private allotment where I know the Chairman of it.
If I get stuck then voluntary work would be a help.There is a module of practical gardening skills.I was not expecting to be paid (the reverse i bet i pay for some courses) and the only way to do it is to learn from gardeners or nurserys.
Off to Cheltenham tomorrow to see my mum and hopefully do some gardening :)
Take care.Will drop by gardener to the big house soon.

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hi Snappy, Wow I love it! What an outstanding way to display veggies. Work of art.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Tyra,I had a quick look at your blog yesterday.You have lots of nice things growing in your greenhouse, and outside on the patio.Im glad we both liked the Veg display here!