Monday, April 23, 2007

Whats growing today

The Aquilegia purple empereor is more beautiful in the daylight than lamp light. I have taken loads of photos off the flowers and the buds.

The two long days over the weekend meant I left the plants to grow with no interference from me.

My Nicotiana have keeled over terribly.For big flowery plants when fully grown they have very shallow roots.A dirt dozen have survived the repotting.
With so many pots its hard for me to keep track of what actually i do have growing, or am waiting for to grow...
Thanks god for the blog.I would love a notebook but I lost the last one Doh.Plant labels are also mysteriously dissapearing.
I have put more sugar syrup in the Dandelion wine, racked off last years wine.I have been told to wait for both containers to clear before bottling them.The handpainted labels are sat on the winebottles waiting for the clearness to develop.

The Asiatic pink lillys have gone mad in the Ceramic pot.They are very green, and have lovely rosette like leaves that fall from the centre, and grow outwards.

The Oriental stargazers are slower movers too.They are growing slowly on day by day.

I have a few seed trays growing seedlings still, but after the Nicotiana disaster I will wait for them to grow bigger.

I am driven by the fact that seed trays are not a good way to use my windowsills.The take up more room than if the plants were in small pots.

I think you can plant seeds in cells and grow them from a pack of 24 or 36.Im used to sowing in seed trays then transplanting them into small pots to grow on.
The rehomed Peace Lilly has started to green its leaves up.Its a funny plant because it cries
occasionally. Tear drops form at the end of the long green graceful leaves.
The Bletilla Striata have grown some more, and now look like they are about to unfurl some leaves. They grow upwards rolled up like a persian carpet.
The Candy pink Fuschias I have bought are okay.One plant died though, because they were all quite ropey.It must be in a gardeners sensitive side to take pity on sickly/ unloved/ unlooked after plants and try to nurse them back to health.
Three Fuschias survive.They will be beautiful when they flower in a month or two..
I will write the list on the next post.As a sign of my passion/madness and to remind me what is actually growing today.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of plants & flowers!!
Signed - a non-blogger from U.S. who was "looking over your shoulder" on other side of computer screen. Have a great day.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks for dropping by.I wander how you found my blog so soon after i published it?Best wishes to you Anonymous US non blogger :)