Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Frans Garden Again

I was back again to help Fran with the back garden.It has an area of grass which we thought would be good to reseed and try to grow some new grass over the bald patches.

The problems were the kids kicking the seed off and the dog digging in the grass looking for stomes to chew...

The solution was to construct a temporary fence to keep the animals/kids off it whilst the grass seed germinates and hopefullyinto beautiful green grass.

We used chicken wire that had been fixed to the back fence to keep the puppy dog from getting out through the picket fence.

It had been stapled on, and than overrun with brambles and couch grass.

My hands are still slashed from the brambles, the devils own plant with its piercing thorns that stick into your flesh on contact and wont let go.

It took an hour to take off the chicken wire from the back fence and cut back the brambles so

they were on the park side.

The next mission with bleeding hands from the brambles/barbed wire was to get some bamboo canes as fence supports, and some grass seed to sow on the prepared grass.

We visited THREE nurserys in the search for some grass seed.It took a few hours as we looked at all the lovely plants that we could see.

The picture on the left was the Third Nursery. I have never seen so many plants.Its like a colourful massed planting scheme.All the plants on tables outside, all the way around, to the vast indoor spaces.

We finally got the grass seed, a patching one with rye grass in it.Its for kids and dogs to run across so it wont be used for playing lawn bowls :)
On our travels we collected Five tomato plants, Two Honeysuckles, A dicentra Spectablis Alba for me, six geraniumplants as i could not find the seeds in Sainsburys yesterday, and a massive bunch of Daffodils for Frans vase.
The grasses bald patches were watered, then stabbed with a fork to break the desert like consistancy up. It will need watering but hopefully the grass will take.Then in 3 weeks or so the temporary fenc can come down.
The photos show our handywork, canes pushed into the ground, and chicken wire tied with string, with deft handiwork, the grass seed have been sown.It took all day but it was beautiful and sunny. My gardeners tan is coming along...

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