Thursday, April 05, 2007

Painting and seeds

This is what i have done this morning. After a late bedtime I woke up at 0630, and sprang out of bed.

I was painting some flowers in pots, on some steps.I spent another four hours finishing that.I will post the picture soon.

The Lavetera seed has been soaked overnight and is now planted in some compost.I hope it grows because they are spectacular plants.I have no idea what colour the flowers are.It will be a suprise if it germinates and fufills its flower destiny!

I have three more seed packets to open, but i need some supplies.A shopping trip is on my to do list soon.

Photographed is the Aqualegia from the nursery, with leaves of burnished gold.I love the colours as the light pours through them.Like chlorophyll stained glass windows.

I am slowly recovering from the seven nights.My body clock is all over the place.

Two Green stain glass windows to furnished in Burnished gold!

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