Friday, April 13, 2007

Frans Garden Third day

I went back yesterday and helped Fran finish the jobs we wanted to do.The Hydrangea and Callicarpa were dug up from the bermuda triangle.A rectangle at the bottom right of the back garden where nothing grows on except couch grass.
We removed three trugs (pictured left with the newly dug in Hydrangea) of the devils grass.
It is like a carpet of roots spread under the stone chippings and black plastic.It had come through both layers and was happily growing on top.
The stones are more visible, and the grass has retreated to lick its wounds.
We planted the two Honey Suckles up against the fence with some canes to support them whilst they find their bearings.
I got some Crocosmia bulbs which are now in pots.Every bit of soil Fran dug was chocked full of summer bulbs.
The Callicarpa moved to the front, it is still waking up so it will start regrowing soon.Some bulbs were randomly added to the front garden border.
I have some photos of the garden as it used to look.Thanks to Frans dad, who read the posts and emailed me.
I will have to wait for Fran to come around before she can see her photo of a few years ago.
I got sunburnt on the face yesterday, even though it never felt that hot.Red cheekbones and nose!
I rescued Frans Nana's Peace Lilly yesterday, and hope to nurse it back to health.I am back to work and the usual hospital stuff tomorrow.
I can look at my tanned skin, cuts and grazes, and smile remembering my three garden days.I am sure I will go bakc to help Fran garden, or go plant shopping.

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