Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More plant shopping

I went with Sonia to a family owned plant nursery called Armitages garden centre in a village called Shelley, near to Huddersfield.


It was a wuthering heights day with stormy grey clouds and a cold bitter wind.

The selection of plants, shrubs, tree's, pots, ornaments, water features, soil, grit, etc was enormous.

Every plant was looked after and looking healthy.Somebody actually cared for the plants on sale.Whereas the big chain stores display them untill they die from neglect.

The scenery surrounding the garden centre was amazing, farmland, with tree's, hedges, and lots of dry stone walls.

You can get a flavour for it here.There were even bags of farm manure!!
Proper country smell.
They had a gorgeous selection of alpine plants too.I tried to resist but had to buy some plants to take back to my flat..
I bought a pink flowered Hardy Asiatic lilly, and a Purple Empereor Aqualegia.
They are in the kitchen windowsill now with 24 gazania plants, three orchids, a primula, the oriental stargazer pot, and two Datura pots.

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Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

You must have an enormous windowsil! 24 gazanias?? Hope all the plants grow well for you. It'll be a wonderful sight with them all blooming.