Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mock orange in Wakefield

The white, sweetly scented flowers. Growing in a hedgerow along the alley.How did mock orange cross from the united states to Wakefield?

Did a bird eat the seeds then drop it onto the hedge.It germinated and has grown up and down the hospital alleyway.

A photo swiped from Cambridge gardens, of a Philadelphus, mock orange. Thanks to Eal who said what it looked like :)


Anonymous said...

It is very interesting the way seeds and flowers are spreading around the world. Like love and friendship is also spreading.....

David (Snappy) said...

Its true.Plants that are easily propogated are called friendship plants.In the older days Thats how people collected new plants, cuttings and off shoots from their friends and family.
In remote places Heirloom plants have been saved like this.
Plants and flowers have fostered friendship between people of different backgrounds, ages, sex, and language.They are international, and blogging is a part of that world community.
I think plants from the USA have crossed over to Britain, as well as plants from Europe to the new world.Like plantain, white mans footsteps..