Saturday, April 07, 2007

Photos from yesterday part one

The Pieris we rescued from the back garden.It was surrounded by couch grass which i have never heard of.It was everywhere, choking the plants and getting into every pot around.

A large goosberry bush which Fran said was maybe twenty years old.It fruits prodigiously and is turned into pies, jams, and given away to her friends and family.It was maybe ten foot wide and about three foot back.An old friend left by her grandparents.

One of the mystery plants.It has small light green leaves, and masses of a small oval shaped white flower.It smelt like Jasmine, very sweet but not overpowering.It came from a garden centre but had lost its label.
Help who am I?

Nestled under the front room window Pyrocanthus, was this lonely primula. The only survivor of many plants.The Pyrocanthus has jasmine growing through it and alongside it snaking up a drainpipe.
The Front garden right border with A fir tree from a hanging basket display (its about seven feet tall now), two Dicentras one red heart flowers one white heart flowered.A lavender that is regrowing on.Aqualegias (Fran is the Aqualegia queen, when i sent her a pic of purple empereor she said i've had that before!)
A purple Heuchera, some Sedum, some Daffodils.
I thought it only needed tidying up.The flow of plant colours and textures works.
It was a collection of grown on plants and freebys from family.When you get a bed that works its better to leave it.The soil is almost totally covered.


Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

I didn't know gooseberries grew so large! I have mine in my herb garden, as it didn't like being next to the wall. That wall seems to kill plants, so caught it in time. Ah well, I'll move my herbs somewhere else eventually.

David (Snappy) said...

The gooseberry bush is large, but very productive.Fran worked out it produced 15 pounds of fruit last year.That is one good bush if you like making jams, and pies!!
We talked about making Blackberry pies because of the profusion of them in the parkland around the back of the house.I have looked up the recipie for Gooseberry wine too :)