Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Jewel Orchid flowered...

.. last night.I have yet to smell the scent, maybe it comes out on a night.
It gets misted daily, and is sat on some wet pebbles below the pot.

The Orchid thinks it is in South east Asia, not cold but sunny wakefield.

This Orchid is supposed to be easy to propogate, so i want to try to grow lots more for friends and workmates.

The flowers have a vaguely bird of paradise shape.I can imagine them in a forest floor, growing in the shade. The velvety leaves and the bright white flowers with egg yolk yellow on the lower petal.

I am reading slowly the Orchid Thief and I will review it when i have finished.

The magic of Orchids.I think I will try not to buy any more Orchids.

Is there one called Black Magic? As they cast a spell on people who then covet them, and grow them, try to make a natural environment for them to flower.


OldRoses said...

I love the shape of this orchid's flower.

David (Snappy) said...

They are very dainty flowers Old roses.I still cant smell any scent but maybe my nose is blocked :)