Thursday, April 26, 2007

Little bird and unknown flower

Taken yesterday on my long day, between admissions..

This cheeky chappy was hopping around my feet yesterday as i ate a turkey sandwich.

He was unphased my camera clicking, and got rewarded with a piece of bread.
Does anyone know what type of bird he is?
His feathers are a mix of reddish brown with a yellow tipped beak.
He is looking quzzically on the second photo.

He grabbed his piece of bread, then hopped back into the hedgerow. It is full of Dandelions, queen annes lace, nettles, and an unknown flower . I will post, growing in the hedgerow on green shiny leaves.

The Hedgerow along one side of the Alley that runs up past the hospital. The queen annes lace blows in the wind.A sea of white flowers.

The birds love this, to sing in, hop around, find snacks to eat.

They fly between one hedge and the other, quick as lightning.

Its hard to photograph them, or they fly up to the trees in the foreground.

Pretty white flowers with cream circles between them. They smell faintly sweet, for attracting insects i guess. They are climbers grappling through the hedge to flower on the upper outer branches, taking in the light from the sun, and the first falling raindrops.
Does anyone recognise it?


EAL said...

Looks like mock orange. Philadelphus. That blooms in early June here. It is native to North America, though, so I am somewhat surprised to see it in GB. I have it though, and it looks right, especially the buds--spot on.

The bird? Not an expert, but looks pretty common. A sparrow?

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Eal,I will check out it out later.I love mock orange.I am only good at identifying a few birds.I need another book :)
Its funny if its a philedelphus, a long way from home.Plants have always travelled though with collectors and plant hunters, now with planes they can be moved tens of thousands of miles to places where they do not grow.
I see where plants have naturalised, by escaping from an urban garden.

Sue Swift said...

Hi Snappy - He's a she! A female blackbird - they're brown not black - it's the males who are glossy black a with lovely yellow beaks. the females are a bit drab in comparison - as often happens with birds - it's the men who get dressed up!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Sue,Thanks for your comment.Lol I know male birds are sometimes brighter than female ones.Well She was very friendly,Blackbirds are some of my fav birds.She got some bread for hopping around my feet!