Monday, April 23, 2007

My Growing List

Fran found this book, and bought it for me. Mr Smiths indoor garden, from a 1980 BBC tv series..
I have gone through the plants and seedlings and seed trays today to come up with my growing list.I have split it into two , pot plants and seedlings.
The pots have growing in them:
1) Candy pink trailing Fuschias
2) Bletilla Striata (chinese ground orchid)
3) Tomato plants: one each of red pear, tigerella, and gardeners delight.mmm cheese n tomato sandwiches..
4) Crocosmia from Frans garden, when we planted the Honeysuckles.
5) Geraniums
6) Primula, flowerless but alive.
7) Hydrangea, the cutting fell off the main plant and is growing nicely in a pot. Waiting for my garden..
8) Sansavieria: mother in laws tongue.Bought in york years ago.It keeps making baby plants for me.
9) Japenese Maple
10) Dicentra Alba: the white flowered bleeding heart.It took some damage at the nursery being left to dry out in the hot sunshine.This has damaged the growing flower buds and leafs.
11) Bird of Paradise: small but perfectly formed.It has a long way to grow before it flowers i think.This will be a long term goal :)
12) Asiatic Pink lillys
13) Jewel orchid: nearly flowering.The white flowers have lovely white flower buds like light bulbs on a pink stem, from the veined velvety leaves.
14) Easter Cactus, rescued from my Nans..
15) Peace Lilly; photographed today
16) Acidanthera (still asleep in pot full of soil.These are commonly called Peacock orchids, with scented flowers).
17) Oriental Stargazer lilly, slow growing compared to the Asiatic pink lilly.
18) Aquilegia purple empereor.
That completes part one of my whats growing list...

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