Friday, April 27, 2007

End of week

Two days off now, after five long thirteen hour days.I can blog loads, catch up on garden blogs from around the world.
The photo is cherry blossom flowers blown along the kerbside.I saw them one day blowing into the physio department.Pink blossoms all over the blue entrance carpet.
Hope all your gardens are growing on well.


OldRoses said...

Great photo!

Kerri said...

Hi David,
It seems to me I don't get out much anymore (i.e. get around to visiting). There aren't enough hours in the day when I'm working! I'd love to see those cherry blossoms on the trees.
Sorry, I don't know what your bird is. Friendly little fellow :)
That's a lovely orchid. I love your columbine too. I have that same shaped flower. What an interesting shape it is!
I wish I had a Japanese Maple. Hope yours makes it this time. How sad that you can't have your cats where you're living now. Where are they?

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks oldroses,I loved the pink petals all blown into a pink pile by the road side.
Hi Kerri,Its always good to get out, visiting family and friends, and to see new places.The cherry blossom flowers are still on the trees.Glad you liked the bird.The orchid is perfect.The japenese maple was only £3 from a cheap shop.
The cats are in Castleford still.