Monday, April 23, 2007

Jewel Orchid Photos

The Jewel Orchid today...

The velvety leaves with the red parallell veins running along the leaf..

The Velvety texture is captures here at the point of where the flowering stem comes up from the leaves.

The flower buds, these remind me of my table lamp with its golf ball shaped light bulb.
Hope they flower soon, the are suppossed to be scented too.
You can imagine these on the forest floor is south east asia growing in Dappled shade.


Unknown said...

I have this image of you, Snappy... where everything you touch turns to green and then blooms! :) Gorgeous orchid.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Blackswamp girl.I like you imagining me with green fingers.It has flowered today.Will post some pics in morning.You look quite green fingered too on your blog pics!

Unknown said...

Ha! Well, I only show the good parts of the garden. I admit it. *grin*

David (Snappy) said...

I only ever look at the good parts of the garden.The areas that need developing are left for a new project, the before and after photo.I think most gardens are dynamic, and constantly change with the seasons, and the years.When you get a new garden if it has had a previous gardener there spirit may be present with tree's, shrubs, the lawn, or flowers and bulbs.
As you cultivate it you find remnants of the past.In tashas garden I found hundreds of snowdrop bulbs left by an old gardener.I felt him looking down :)