Monday, April 02, 2007

Corydalis Solida: A perenniel plant

Some keen eye bloggers helped identify this beautiful plant.The flowers are now being lofted in the air above the ferny green leaves.

They said it was a Corydalis Solida, and when i googled it the images matched.:)

There is some information on the plants for a future database erport:

They live in full sun to shade, they like damp but not soggy smell.The flowers are described as spurred.They have a lovely sweet smell like candy i think.

They can be planted singly or as a groundcover.The garden that they are in is overgrown, with tree's overhead.It is like a woodland area.I wander if they were planted by previous gardeners or are weeds?They are gorgeous though.

Its amazing from USA to Europe they were identified.Thanks for the comments.I love these plants.I wander if i could dig up a few bulbs lol....

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