Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gardening in the blood

I have just planted three more seed trays and moved the windowsill plants around again.I know I have green blood because who else would grow this many plants in a flat with three windowsills?
The indoor greenhouse is full.I am formulating plans for when the seedlings have grown on a bit.I need more shelves with lots of space for small 3" pots...

To measure my madness here is a list of whats growing on, in Snappys flat:

1) Nicotiana evening fragrance
2) Echinacea Lustre hybrid
3) Convolvulus Blue Ensign
4) Thunbergia Salmon Shades
5) Snapdragon Madam Butterfly
6) Viola Midnight Runner
7) Snapdragon Braun Blaquetii

That is seven seed trays, now with cute greenhouse lids.Im hoping the steady temperature and moisture will help germinate the seeds. The Nicotiana have already germinated a few weeks ago.

Ok, you think seven seed trays is slightly crazy.Theres more plants and bulbs:

8)Impatients Carousel Mix, seeds in two pots.
9) Stargazer lilly in rectangular glass vase...just soil so far.
10) Datura Ballerin, seeds in two pots.
11) Lavatera, An experimental seed from Sonia's house
12) Gazanias growing on, twenty four plants.
13) Aqualegia Purple Empereor photographed earlier.
14) Pink Asiatic lilly bulb in soil, in pink pot
15) My orchid bulbs, Bletilla Striata

The madness ends with my house plants, Bird of Paradise, Three mother in laws tongue (one grown up one, and two off shoots), my easter cactus, the red/yellow flowered Primula, and Six cactus.
Over Twenty species of plants in a small one bedroom flat.:)

Once they have grown on and im over ran with pots and plants I will give them away to friends and colleagues. I will also go to the plant stall with Hils raising money for charity.I think she grows many more than me but she has two greenhouses.
I guess if some good comes from my passion then its all good. Once gardening gets into your blood it stays for a long time.


lisa said... madness is very similar. In fact, if I was limited on space outdoors like you, I doubt there'd be sitting room in my house! :)

Unknown said...

I don't think this is crazy at all... sounds perfectly reasonable to me, Snappy! ;)

By the way, what (if anything) have you heard yet from the allotment folks?

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lisa, pretty soon if all the seeds germinate I need a lot of pots and space!!Im thinking of layers of shelves by windows, with a daily rotation of the pots for even growth.
Blackswamp girl,thanks for the comment.My passion/madness is funny. The allotment people have not got back yet :(
I have my fingers crossed.When i forget about it they will probably contact me.There must be other ways of gardening when you are landless!!

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

I too had jungles in my places, where there was no garden. Read my post of 14 January 2007, there are pics of my work studio plants all growing indoors.