Monday, April 23, 2007

My growing list,part two

The second part of my list is seedlings raised from seeds in a mixture of either seed trays or pots.
Some seeds germinate quicker than others.The record on the seed packet was may take 90 days to germinate!Thats nearly 13 weeks from planting to seeing any growth :(
I have growing on now:
1) Mimulus, think these are called monkey flowers.They have spectacular flowers with an explosion of colours.I hope they grow for me as they will be good to photograph..
2) Viola Midnight Runner, these have grown really well in a mixture of compost and vermiculite.The mix was like cheesecake biscuit base!All the seeds germinated.I have high hopes for the very dark purple/black flowers.
3) Convolvulus Blue ensign, lovely blue flowers with white and yellow centres.
4) Echinacea Purpurea, Lustre hybrid mix.These cone flowers grow a mixture of red, pink, or white flowers.These were free from Hils and i did not expect them to germinate but they did.
5) Datura Ballerina: one seed has germinated, but this is the record slowest germinator i think.Up to 90 days before i know if its failed or not.One brave Datura has grown so far..
6) Clary, purple sage flower.These annuals are grown for their lovely foliage colour and can be used in dried flower displays with their purple, pink, or blue leaves.These were from Frans old seeds collection but germinated quickly and are quite strong seedlings.
7) Thunbergia Alata Salmon Shades: Another free seed packet of uncertain age, which has germinated.There are five seedlings.The seed case breaks open and forms what looks like two early leaves, then the first paired leaves grow from the bottom of the seed pod.They are nice colours of salmon, orange, and yellow.Commonly called black eyed susan..
8) Gazania Tigerstripe: every plug plant i bought from Wilkos has grown on..
9) Nicotiana: close to nightmare.I think these would be better sown into a garden, and left to grow.They do NOT like being transplanted, and are still keeling over...
10) Snapdragons: I have two lots growing.The first lot are growing on well.The second lot were Beurre Blanquii or something? Yellow flowered snapdragons, a present from Hils seeds collection.
11) Impatients: two lots of busy lizzies have been planted.Boy are these slow this year.Every year i try to raise some busy lizzies from seed.This year the germination has been erratic.Maybe when it warms up they will be quicker..
12) Lavatera: only one seed planted from a dried seed pod case.It has not done anything yet...
13) Purple flowering Honesty. Not a Single seed has germinated but this was an old seed packet and has been exposed to the air.
14) Frans poppys: In her shed, in a glass jar were some dried seed heads, and lots of black seeds.A small handfull got put into a seed tray, watered, and a propogator lid put on.These look to be starting germination.

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